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Started by RemingtonRyder, September 04, 2014, 02:46:24 PM

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Seigers just seem to have the worst luck in my games.  This time they picked a narrow tunnel through a mountain to use as their camp, eventually deciding to set up their mortars on the north side of that tunnel, not far away from my... well, crematorium.


Anyway, because they're jam-packed into the space available, a few lucky hits with mortars and a lot of seigers are dead and the rest start going berserk or wandering off.

I eventually send in snipers to pick off the stragglers safely, but... seriously, one crematorium just isn't cutting it any more.  And the distance my colonists have to walk to reach the dead bodies and then pile them up to be burned means that harvested taters are piling up on the ground instead of being moved to storage to be made into meals.

It's like I'm being punished for doing a good job of defending my colony. :P



well i don't know what your suggestion is but if they are too far away then just let them rod to skeletons, you should only bury, cremate or butcher (:D) them if you want to clean up your colony (corpses give your colonist negative moods).

i stopped burying the corpses and i mainly use them for leathermaking, why hunt for 2-3 iguanas at the opposite side of the map if you have a dozen raiders coming directly to your gate to be killed, butchered and then their meat turned into leather^^.


Um, well my suggestion would be that in the desert, the iguanas and megascarabs pick apart the dead raiders.  It's a circle of life kind of thing. ;)


You should rename your thread into Carrion Scavangers then. After wards construct a thread outlining the simply 5-10 word body.

I want animals to eat corpses like vultures/Hyenas
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I wouldn't mind seeing animals eat the dead (perhaps even the bones).. might be an interesting way to make animal populations bigger.. or the well fed animals could perhaps grow and become more of a threat.

I agree entirely with the above as well, too many corpses in the late game. At the three year mark the game basically becomes unplayable because even if you survive and do well the dead make your colonists go crazy. I think there should be many varieties of ways to get rid of bodies.. like weapons that vaporize the body into ash.


There actually is a way to vaporize bodies, though there are drawbacks to it.
If you construct a mortar and then forced attack option, the mortar will continue to shell the target even after it's dead. All object have 100 health so only one or two mortar shots need to hit to destroy a body. The biggest downside: All the loot will probably be destroyed with the body.
I realize this isn't a perfect solution, but it might solve at least part of the issue.


incendiary mortar works even better. or molotows. but i too want animals, that eat corpses


It would be great if nature helped to clean up the bodies. That might play in well with the disease system which seems to be in the works.

But them frickin' skeletons, man. I know they're spooky, but they're not THAT spooky. It might be better to have a lower penalty per corpse, and instead use miasma/rot modifiers that make rotted bodies more nasty than skeletons.


I have this problem a lot. I have a large, old base, and I get invasions of a few hundred (I can't count them, but there's usually 4-5 times the amount of corpses than I can mark with one double-click amount, so I have to scroll around to get them off-screen to select the next batch).

It leads to my haulers busy with corpses for a few days, then going crazy because of corpses, then going crazy because of starvation. So if I follow the path of cremating corpses, my base will be destroyed from plain stupidity.

(Last invasion I got gave a surplus of 200 stockpiles of emergency rations - 2000 rations? Drawback: My haulers go crazy from corpses if I try to pick them up. Other drawback: If I mark them free-for-all, my entire base goes there and goes crazy.)


Or perhaps we could have a new combustible material that can easily remove corpses with it, possibly a volatile substance that can be dug on rocks that can burn the corpses down quickly into ash.

The morale drop rate is insanely bad, and it's not due to my failures as a colonist leader, it's the dead bodies......


Hmm.  I sort of fancy a new trait which makes a colonist indifferent to seeing  corpses but nothing else.  They'd make a good undertaker.


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Quote from: marvinkosh on September 04, 2014, 07:57:57 PM
Um, well my suggestion would be that in the desert, the iguanas and megascarabs pick apart the dead raiders.  It's a circle of life kind of thing. ;)

That's actually a really good idea.

*taking notes*

I'd wanted people to have time to look corpses. But maybe it's better if scavenger animals slowly drag them away. You have to loot those bodies fast!

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I don't know about DRAG if they're just iguanas or beetles!

Ooh, Tynan can we get BLOATED corpses please? As a stage of decomposition, where they're REALLY hideous :D

I'd really love to see human bodies able to be used for nutrient paste without cannibalism. Makes more sense to me that colonists would be comfortable with completely-recombined-food-molecule-paste instead of starving. Though I guess you'd have to balance out the nutrient paste somehow because you'd be set for food after raids quite well.

Why not being able to plant fruit trees on top of graves, thus using bodies to fertilise the soil! That's a concept I've encountered in at least one sci-fi settler-themed story. The player could also choose flowers instead for the graves of beloved colonists.