Squirrels: the Most Dangerous Game

Started by Redrabbitromp, September 07, 2014, 08:23:41 AM

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It was a mid to late game colony.  The base had but a single entrance guarded by around 30 turrets.  The dozen colonists drank mojitos in the swimming pools and laughed in their security as the defenses cut down the hordes of pirates with relative ease.  Everything needed to build the space ship was assembled; construction was begun. 

Then, suddenly, some evil caused all the squirrels on the map to go insane, and viscous.  Around 50 squirrels came charging at the gates.  The first salvo of turret fire cut down the lead squirrels easily but while the turrets cooled the main body of the squirrel force flooded through the bottle neck.  Unlike pirates, squirrels are fast little buggers who don't stop to shoot and they swarmed through the bottleneck and were everywhere in the flash of a furry tale.  Turret shots flew wildly through the air in all directions mostly missing the fast small squirrels as they swarmed over the first unwary colonists in the fields. 

At that moment the colonists realized that perhaps squirrels were not to be trifled with.   Unfortunately they had continued doing whatever it was they were doing, thinking that if the defenses could kill pirates with machine guns then ravenous squirrels could not be any threat.  The colonists were scattered to all the way to timbuck 2 as the hordes of squirrels battered down the front doors with shear weight of numbers and they were in beyond the firing arcs of the turrets. 

The nearest colonists huddled in groups behind the flimsy, steel but actually made out of paper, non squirrel proof doors of Rimworld and checked their high powered rifles as they listened to the screams of the prisoners being mauled in the next rooms.  When the doors fell each pocket of colonists made a valiant stand, and each and every man and woman was overwhelmed and devoured by the hordes of mad rodents.


Evil, evil squirrels!

Back in Alpha 4, I had a colony of 6 or 7 colonists.  Had.  Until Boomrats.

I feel your pain.  (Consider sandbags to slow them down, and a turret corridor to spread out the firing wave.)


The little critters can really pack a punch.
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Fruit loops

now only if he would add carnivorous ants that could come with hundreds of their brethren, that would be SUCH a good addition
The guy who suggested the mood debuff for harvesting prisoner organs.


after the turret kill box, and the compact turret explosion rooms, the next area of my base entrance is usually the prison.

my solution to squirrel/boomrat/muffalo hordes is to simply throw grenades at them while they try to chow down on the prisoners.

though it's been a while since i've last played this game. maybe things have changed since then.

Zeta Omega

In my opinion Boomrats are the most dangerous game


Quote from: Zeta Omega on September 14, 2014, 06:14:34 PM
In my opinion Boomrats are the most dangerous game

boomrats have a tendency for chain reactions. a single exploding boomrat can wipe out an entire zerg swarm of boomrats.

while muffalos are strong but slow, making it easy to kite them by using a colonist to run around as "bait" while the others mow them down with focused gunfire, killing them one at a time.

but squirrels? squirrel zerg swarms are crazy fast. the most i can actually do with them is use prisoners or colonists for bait and then chuck grenades and molotovs at them. i often get casualties on large squirrel swarms. though another option is to hide everyone inside and close my single entrance with walls and then wait until the squirrels die of starvation while i task most of my colonists to repairing the walls.


I just use a field of flowers that is right!!!! daylilys GUESS WHAT THEY BURN!! AND NOTHING MESSES WITH THE AI MORE THAN FIRE.


I had a deer rush once. A lot of meat was gained that day.
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I just lost a colony toa single amngry rhino.

it reminded me of boatmurderd.....
So dwarf fortress in space eh?
I love it.
I love it so much.
Please keep it that way.

Hey Guys, Here is the first succession Game of rim world for your reading Pleasure, it is in progress right now



I just got my first squirrel rush. 3 ears and a nose lost. I have been lucky. 2 groups of visitors, took care of my front door; 3 death between them (turrets help).
"You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant."
    Harlan Ellison

Dr. Z

Prasie the Squirrel!