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Started by Xerberus86, September 07, 2014, 05:48:21 PM

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which graphic setting do you use?



hey, have rimworld for over a week now and just now i noticed that there are two graphic pre-sets, "normal" and "great".

"great" seems to increase the quality of the coloring mainly and makes some lines thinner / finer. hadn't much time testing the better graphics quality option, my current colony didn't live long enough, my question would be what your graphic setting is (if you use "great" or "normal") and how big the FPS impact is on the higher graphic setting.

thanks :)


Surprisingly so Rimworld is extremely well optimized for most computers. It's rare to see any FPS drops outside of the normal speed, even when there are hundreds upon hundreds of mobs on the map. Of course, having the fastest speed when that is the case can get the game to an almost unplayable state when you're using the max settings.

Then again, even with very few mobs on the map there is always a pause whenever a major event hits the game map, like a Raid for example. Personally I haven't tried changing to Normal Quality, so that is up for personal preference or PC Quality. Looks over performance, and all that. ^^


i agree with you, i have seen some improvements in terms of coloring / drawing clarity. with "great" it looks more like a 1080 anime than 480 - 720 p on "normal", at least as far as i could see.

i opened this threat so that people could give me hints what the big differences between those two presets are and if its currently actually worth chosing the higher graphic setting or if this isn't quite optimized / still experimental.


I actually don't really know what it does, fully. It's something from Unity.

I believe the main thing it affects is antialiasing. It should only require GPU power, so since the game is usually CPU bound it won't affect you if you're on most desktop PCs. That said I've also seen it make text rendering bugs, I think (e.g. blurry text).
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Between those two choices, I'll always choose Great, because there's no such thing as a Normal Teacher Onizuka.
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Between those two choices, I'll always choose Great, because there's no such thing as a Normal Teacher Onizuka.

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@Ty: thanks for answering, so it isn't implemented from you and i can switch back to normal. thing is, on "normal" the game doesn't touch my gpu, when i enable "great" then it uses my gpu. if antialiasing is the only thing that it improving then this is wasted resources :/.


As far as i can see, there is no *hires* sprites bundled with game, improving quality of 2d application by other means extremely unlikely.

But this extremely easy to implement from mod's side, since rendering code overrideable and quality field can be accessed from mods.