Colonist is 'not a constructor', but has two fire passion for construction

Started by Supertoned, September 21, 2014, 12:01:31 AM

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I have a colonist with two fires of passion in construction who will not construct. When I attempt to prioritize construction on him, I get the message "Colonist is not a constructor'.

This colonist has no 'incapable' restrictions. What gives? Is this a bug? Is there something I am not seeing? Why can I not get them to build things?

Damien Hart

He probably has construction jobs disabled. To enable them, go to the overview menu and check the box under "construction" for that colonist.


The colonist who you are trying to  make build probably has something in the backstory that disabled building, No matter what you do, that guy aint building... Maybe a brick fell on his head while he was making a wall? who knows :P


Colonists can't have a passion for a skill that's disabled.  Or at least, I've never seen it.  I think Damien was correct.  Also, if Supertoned had a problem still, I'm sure we would know about it.  ;)