[Modpack] Reupload of Ultimate Overhaul Pack 29/09

Started by coolmoo, October 06, 2015, 08:38:54 PM

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Ninefingers repacked modders mods, thats all. When we asked him to not take donations for our work but siad if we could get donation links as well we wouldnt have issue with it, he left the forums and set up his own website and forum thinking he could escape the issue and not give the modders the credit they were due, at that point the gloves came off and we ended it. We tried to speak to him like adults but all we got was abuse.

No one is doubting the work he put into that pack and no one ever will (his work throughput was bonkers) but we all work very hard on these mods and if you cant play by the rules or treat people with respect then you dont play at all. We have to abide by Ludeons rules and the same applied here.

I dont want to dig this up out of the dirt again, modpacks will come and go, another will be along to join HCSK and MVP soon i bet.

Also mods, this should probably be moved, dont think it belongs in releases.
Skullywag modded to death.
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Quote from: StinkyFinger91 on April 19, 2016, 03:31:17 PM
This is what broke Rimworld for me. You whiney "adults" who took down the GREATEST, yes, THEE greatest modpack for rimworld ever to be made, only because "wahhh wahhh people don't see my name on the list of contributors on this mod pack! WAHHHH!!" This was the greed and selfishness of humanity at it's finest. Gentz, I'm sorry bud, but the best you could do to "remake" or "Continue" UOP would be to just take the EXACT same modpack and re-upload it. Now I'm stuck with the "Modvariety pack" which has it's preks, or the TERRIBLY overcomplicated "Hardcore SK" pack. GG Rimworld. Sorry for the frustrating banter, with the new A13 update I can only imagine how much better this modpack would have made this game. If Ty took that modpack and incorporated that into the base game, he could have put that on steam for $30 and it would have sold very well.

Tad late to the party? I stopped working on that a long while ago, and I have no intentions of updating it for A13.
Go play MVP when it comes out for A13, its A12 version seemed like a good replacement for UOP.