[Mod Request] Targeting system

Started by bullet, October 02, 2014, 11:00:58 AM

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I have not found such proposals. If the same already have, then I apologize and sorry for my  bad english

  When your colony grows to 10+ colonists, and the same number of towers (if not more), there comes a point when you shall repulse the attack off a very large enemy masses (especially if  you put additional mods which complicated the game in this direction).
  Unfortunately, all towers and colonists shoot only in the nearest visible enemies (If attack range allow this). So you need put game on pause and then manually choose a target for each your unit if a situation is critical. And repeat this action several and even more times.  At the beginning of the game it's even interesting, but the further the is becoming cloyingly.

  If units can choose nearest enemies for attack, then maybe they can be improved to choose and other targets? My knowledge in mods creation are very limited, so I'm suggest to someone else to create Targeting system.

Add for the units (towers\colonists\others?) additional options for targeting (like as in the Tower Defence games).

For example:
couple of sets by two variants in the form of radiobuttons
1 set (Select by distance) - choose closest or the most distant target
2 set (Select by armor) - choose most or least armored target
3 set (Select by attack range) - choose target which has a highest (sniper rifle) or smallest(melee) attack range
(And possible for each set need third radiobutton to disable each set)

Thus using all sets it is possible to configure a more interesting defense and  to avoid situation when a one target was shot from all your 100500 guns and turrets

Also, it can be realized like linking with shooting skill for colonists. For example, the sets appears when the shooting skill  reached a some level. For towers it can be some targeting system module, which should be researched for building, because for me a new building it's always fun 8) or it can be just updating after research...

Anyway it's just implementation details, which can be think through, once will become clear  - whether it is possible to implement it at all?