Mutations,Chemistry, Mechanoids

Started by Cedric, October 03, 2014, 04:56:11 PM

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Mechaniod harvesting: It would be cool if you could take certain parts of mechanoids and use them as implants like a scyther's scythe(?) or charge lance it would require a really skilled doctor tho and even then it would be a low chance of success.

Mutations: With the addition of diseases your colonists could develop mutations on the long term of course not by flu or sleeping sickness maybe with some more unique and rare ones or by fighting some strange creatures in a random event and making contact with them like touching thier dead bodies or engaging them in melee combat.
Now it could be anything from growing a third arm which could make you able to haul more stuff, work faster, shoot faster to something that melts your skin off your bones and makes you terribly ugly what effects your social skill or takes it away, and have a negative penalty to your mood threshold and social interaction just makes it worse but on the bright side you could be immune or more resistant to fire.

The possibilities are endless  and that's where chemistry comes in, from making medicine to antidotes both for mutations and diseases. Serums that enhance a character or make it worse. Or give  a "potion"  to a prisoner to help you persuade him/her to join you. Or you could make bio weapons  through chemistry from poisonus darts to sleeping gas bombs that when you hit the target you have a chance to put it to sleep for a short while.

These are my ideas for now in a nutshell.


I would like it if you had to disassemble all mechanoids to get their weapons like if you wanted the minigun of a centipede you'd have to take it off.


It'd be cool if you could take one of their inferno cannons off, mount it on a mortar and make a rapid-firing flamestorm mortar. Or just put it on a turret.