[Technically a Mod Request][Alpha 7] Prisoners, NPCs, Organs, and more!

Started by Klldarkness, October 10, 2014, 12:41:04 PM

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Been playing for a while, adding, and subtracting mods, but there are a few things bothering me that I am hoping someone much more skilled than myself, can address:

1. Visitors get injured! I can't save them, without incurring the wrath of their faction, which seems really weird to me.  I'm not exactly a humanitarian, but I have ALOT of medkits. The option to heal them where they lay, or move them to the medical beds would be awesome. Perhaps by healing them, and letting them go, you even get a faction bonus?

2. Prisoners. I can't release them, as far as I know. It's either convince them to stay, harvest their organs, or flat out kill them. The option to release them wouldn't go unused, I assure you.

3. When I detain a lone traveler/visitor, their faction miraculously knowing, and becoming my enemy is ridiculous. If there were 2, and one managed to make a run for it, escaping off the map, I would completely understand that. If there isn't someone to witness it, their faction shouldn't know what happened. Perhaps instead of enemies, it's a reputation drop? If my tribe members kept going missing when they visited your camp, i'd be suspicious as well. But I wouldn't condemn you for it till I know what the issue is.

4. Organ harvesting from corpses. While naturally harvesting more than a few hours after they died wouldn't make sense, but within half a day, maybe more if kept on ice, and that would make sense.

5. Prisoner escapes. They try to attack, and escape. Sitting in a room, waiting to die, or be convinced to join is a bit weird. Especially with some of the back stories. Please fix? Dx

Anyone have any other ideas for prisoners they would like to add below, or discuss? I am open for discussion!


Not a single person has any thoughts, ideas, or conjecture to add to this? No one else has had these problems?


Well, I know a lot of this would be difficult to add in since there's no exceptions added for things like this yet. Instead of requesting this for a mod, I would consider adding this to Forums > RimWorld > Suggestions. This would have more along the lines of something Tynan would have to add, and it would be a good idea to add. These are all good ideas. Along the lines of what you were saying about people dying at your camp, also notice how if everyone dies there, but by raiders or somesuch, not you, they know it wasn't you.


One other thing that could be added, is holding POWs as hostages, and making their original faction either pay them to get their man back or increase your reputation with said faction if you give them back for free.