[MOD] (Alpha 7) MBP Compatibility Files v1

Started by Commander Beanbag, October 21, 2014, 08:01:14 PM

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Commander Beanbag

If you're like me, you probably want to see the operation bills stretch from edge to edge on your screen. Well, this "mod" helps you with that!

This isn't a mod at all, but instead some files to make certain mods compatible with MBP v1.3.1. The mods are:
Apothecarius vHOTFIXERINO by JuliaEllie
Extended Surgery v1.3 by Minus
Miscellaneous v1.7.2 by Haplo

For the above mods, there are some edited recipe defs included that change the body part brain implants are applied to.
For the MBP files, the Bodies.xml is changed, and a new body part def is added. It's a new part which does effectively nothing, as MBP has its own brain system. This new part allows for other mods to add their own implants to the brain while working alongside MBP implants.

Credits to the respective mod authors!

Download is attached.

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Cool thing. I will steal this and relink it from the Apothecarius post :) Thanks for making it


Thanks, it would be great if all alpha 7 mods were compatible with each other.  :D


AH! So this is what's caused all the issues! MBP131 removes the brain from colonists to make way for it's own brain mods.
I have another solution to the compatibility with this mod. I took out the brain implants.

Go check out Extended Surgery now to get the compatible version. It should also now work with Apothacarius too.

However, it does lack what some of you might have liked a lot about the proper MBP, so you may still want to use this fix.

Thankyou Beanbag for making this and helping me realise what the issues were.

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Mods: Extended Surgery and Bionics, Brain Surgery, Medical XP Balance


thank you for this.

could you also do this with the edb ui ?


I'm not sure if it is really needed for the Brain Pals, as I use a different mode of adding it to the recipe list of the pawns, that should be compatible with all other variants. But better save than sorry ;D


I installed this hoping that it'd fix BrainPals not being able to be implanted, but it didn't help and it ended up removing the brain implants from MoreBionicParts. I still had to disable MoreBionicParts to get BrainPals to work.