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Started by GottJammern, October 08, 2014, 02:40:48 PM

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    At this time, MBP! is not longer in development/updating due to real life occurances. For those desiring to have Bionic Parts and such, I highly recommend Extended Surgery and Bionics, Minus has done a great job integrating both this and Extended Surgery.

    -All of the organs below actually change their respective stats to 120% such as blood pumping for the heart, metabolism/eating for the stomach, etc..

    • Synthetic Liver
    • Synthetic Stomach
    • Synthetic Kidney
    • Artificial Heart
    • Bionic Lung
    • Bionic Ear Implant

      New in v1.3 is a complete overhaul of the body system! The normal 'brain' system is removed: in its place is a brain lobe corresponding to the individual functions the brain controls. There are five brain lobes:

    • Consciousness Lobe
    • Sight Lobe
    • Movement Lobe
    • Manipulation Lobe
    • Hearing Lobe
    There are three brain lobe replacements currently implemented:

    • Adrenaline Regulator: Replaces the Consciousness Lobe. Increases consciousness by 50%
    • Electrode Array: Replaces the Sight Lobe. Increases sight by 50%
    • Neuron Inhibitor: Replaces the Movement Lobe. Decreases pain level by 75% (minimum of 0), however reduces Manipulation and Movement by 10% each.
    Getting Started

      These prostheses are attainable through traders and crafting, once you have researched the 'Neuromuscular Integration' topic.
      To craft prostheses, simply build the 'Bionic Assembler'!
      All prostheses are craftable with a varying amount of three materials:

    • Plasteel
    • Synthread
    • Hyperweave
    Not all prostheses require ALL of those materials, but I tried to make it as logical as possible as to what materials are required for what.

    To craft the above components, you can fabricate them at the 'Atomic Constructor' using metals and cloth after you have completed the 'Atomic Construction' research.

    This mod requires Recipe Nurse to run.
    To install this mod, download it and RecipeNurse. Follow the instructions below.

    • Load up the game, untick all mods, restart entire game.
    • Tick RecipeNurse, then Tick MBP!.
    • Load into a colony. Debug yourself a modded body part such as the stomach or a brain chip: there should be a installation option in the Health Bills tab.
    • If NOT, save your colony and restart the entire game.
    Using a fresh download link of Rimworld, RecipeNurse and this mod, 100% of the time following the installation procedure listed above has resulted in everything showing up correctly for me. I understand some people are having serious issues, however I have not been able to replicate any issue except the install recipes not appearing when the mod is FIRST installed.

    This mod does NOT work with: ExtendedSurgery, EDB Interface. May be some compatability issues with Apothecarius.

    This mod is NOT compatible with any other mod that alters the Bodies.xml.
    What this means is that ANY mod that affects what parts make up a species body will not play nice with this mod!
    If you notice issues regarding other mods, shoot me a PM or make a post and i will address it.
    Popular mods such as Apparello work fine with it. At least, so far.

    v1.3 Minor tweaks. Implementation of the new brain system. 2 new brain implants. Requires a new game. V1.1.2 will no longer be supported, recommended to use v1.3
    v1.1.2 Minor fix to loading mod, added a Neural Alert Implant for the brain! This version DOES replace the base 'Body' file: needs refining.
    v1.1 Added research, crafting table and made legs/eyes/arms craft able.
    v1.0 Initial Release

      -Thanks to CrazehMeow for his awesome 'Extended Surgery' which inspired me to start work on a large cybernetics mod!
      -Thanks to JuliaEllie for her 'Recipe Nurse' mod which makes THIS mod much more compatible!

    Download Below

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    More Bionic Parts!



    Thank you!

    Are these craftable with Extended Surgery? If not, would it be terribly hard to do?


    Quote from: Shiftyeyesshady on October 08, 2014, 02:57:49 PM
    Thank you!

    Are these craftable with Extended Surgery? If not, would it be terribly hard to do?
    read the features, it say : These are attainable through traders, and in the future might be available for crafting.


    Quote from: Shiftyeyesshady on October 08, 2014, 02:57:49 PM
    Thank you!

    Are these craftable with Extended Surgery? If not, would it be terribly hard to do?

    it would be terribly easy to do actually ;) if GottJammern wants this implemented I can provide the code to do so


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    More Bionic Parts!


    Quote from: GottJammern on October 08, 2014, 03:34:00 PM
    By all means JuliaEllie!

    sorry it took so long..

    public static void testinjector()
                string modfolder = "SurgeryExtended";
                string target = "TableProsthetic";
                string[] recipe = { "first", "second", "etc" };
                if (ModsConfig.IsActive(modfolder))
                    for (int i = 0; recipe.Length > i; i++ )

    Put this in your code and fill the array with the DefNames of your recipes you want to inject then call testinjector() from anywhere you want. Id recommend Start() in your MonoBehaviour. 'I didnt test it but it should work :D if you need further assistance feel free to ask - Im hanging around in the IRC channel.


    Thank You for making this mod! Was really missing artificial replacement organs. :)

    Now all I'm missing is a reinforced spine/bionic spine for when things go bad with that particular bodypart and perhaps a reinforced skull?


    What about the idea of installing natural armour onto your colonists? It'd be really awesome to just start implanting futuristic bionic armour to your colonists.


    I was tempted to start making something like this myself. The possibilities are endless. :D

    Definitely needs a cyberbrain upgrade. In that case, it might actually involve more or less replacing the brain. (I haven't really looked deeply at how prosthetics are implemented yet; could the use of a cyberbrain allow implants to be applied to parts of the cyberbrain, expanding the options/slots related to brain function? Basically, a system by which a prosthetic creates new prosthetic slots, either through the existing XML setup or the work of some clever coder. Just thinking out loud.)

    I'm definitely hoping Tynan increases the depth and flexibility of prosthetics immensely over time. This would allow a much longer late-game to be developed without requiring additional colonists, keeping the small colony feel. (As the game actively tries to limit your population.) It could also allow deep specialization of colonists.

    Also, thought: bionic-affecting diseases or events, such as a global effect that, for its duration, makes all bionic prosthetics function at half efficiency and have their benefits either temporarily disabled or changed to penalties.


       I would LOVE to create 'slots' to upgrade your augmented brain with, however that would require changing the Core files. The way body parts are set-up is that any part already existing can be amputated or replaced, but they MUST be in the main 'Body Parts' xml. I am going to do some work editing it around to create (hopefully!) every body part amputatable, but that is in the future.

    TL;DR  Working on brain upgrade slots!
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    More Bionic Parts!


    Quote from: GottJammern on October 09, 2014, 02:02:51 AM[...] I am going to do some work editing it around to create (hopefully!) every body part amputatable, [...]
    "Sir, we've decided to amputate your brain. Don't worry, we've got a new one for you."

    Hmm. Isn't it possible to override specific lines in the core data using an external file in a mod without overriding the whole thing? I think adjustments to specific entries of other things, such as furniture, are at least possible through research. (As shown in the Clutter mod research files, specifically some of the table research, though Clutter hasn't been updated to A7. But I might be confused about how it works.)

    Not sure if it's possible to append new body part slots to the existing list in a similar way. If not with XML, perhaps a coder could create something to append new slots to the list. That is, assuming doing so doesn't break the way the pawns/things are defined and saved, breaking save games. (Editing something and adding something can be very different.) Also, if adding the ability to append slots, would be good to add something to handle missing slot data if a mod appending slots is removed, cleaning the save file of the no-longer-applicable colonist information that was introduced.

    If implant slots get added, we might need a new UI tab (or something) to keep track of the new non-body entries separate from the physical body parts. Actually, that's another thought. Possibly implementing implants as a system separate from the body parts? Again, need a coder.


    Any idea why this happens when the mod loads? I have More storage and More weapons installed. Will the mod still work?


    This merged with extended surgey... *orgasm*.