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Started by postm00v, October 10, 2014, 03:30:50 PM

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I'm playing with the TechTreeMinami mod, and I'm having an absolute blast. I know it's supposed to be difficult, but I don't mind a challenge. I just picked this up yesterday, and have been playing it almost non-stop.

In my current (I say current, I mean my lastest game-over :P) game I was six months in. I was quite fortunate to be left alone for a long period, so when the first raiders came, I was suitably prepared.

Then out of NOWHERE a scyther landed and absolutely wrecked me. Normally I would be cussing at my screen, but I couldn't stop laughing. At one point my only living colonist was in a medical bed when the scyther breached the medical room. Somehow he set fire to a lamp there, and soon the whole room was ablaze. I watched my last colonist burn alive in his bed with a smile on my face.


all part of rimworlds !fun!


What the developers did not tell you, in part with the price, is that you give hours upon hours of life away.

Welcome to the Soulless.


I think that there is a certain level of sadism that games of this sort revel in. It's not obvious from a first play, but the fact that the game has no particular problem with you feeding your colonists the flesh of your foes, or selling your own people into slavery. I think that, aside from the stories that arise from the events, that is the best part of the game.


I would love to sell off my prisoners....but only ONE slave trader has stopped by!

ONLY ONE in a colony that is about a 2 years old!!!! x_x :C
"Recruitment failed 1% chance"
Prisoner recruitment. What it feels like:

The human meals doesn't help.
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Are you using Alpha 7?  They were really rare in Alpha 6, but are much more common now.