Plant pot usefullness?

Started by Omenpapa, October 10, 2014, 10:57:35 AM

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How usefull is a plant pot? Seems like doesnt matter what material I made it from, it has 0 beauty. meaning it does not increase the mood at all for ppl, even tho the desc says it should. Is this a bug?


its a bug it does have beauty but its not displayed properly, also the plant itself gives 80 beauty


I'm not sure if that's a bug.  An empty pot shouldn't give a beauty boost.  It would be nice to see what the beauty is while the plants are blooming, though.  That's just an unfinished feature, I think.

Damien Hart

The pot does have a beauty rating of 0, that's intended. The bug was that the plant in the pot doesn't affect the beauty rating of the area, but I'm not sure whether that's still present in A7.



You guys look at the pot after its built it will display the true beauty not when you look at the beauty in the construction menu


Wait, wait. Does that mean if I build the plant pot out of gold, it won't get the extra beauty that Gold usually gives?


As I said twice before.

(You guys look at the pot after its built it will display the true beauty) (not when you look at the beauty in the construction menu)

Damien Hart

I actually totally misinterpreted the beauty system. After taking a closer look, from what I can tell, the beauty is calculated by adding the base beauty of the object to the beauty offset of of the material, and multiplying them by the base beauty the material, not by multiplying the base beauty of the object by the beauty offset of the material. I guess that'll show me for making assumptions.

So the pot having no base beauty was completely irrelevant above, because it still gives (0+18)*6=108 beauty for a gold pot.

Some things show beauty of 0 on the architect menuu, and beds (maybe more things, I didn't check everything) only show their base beauty multiplied by the material's base beauty, so it looks like that system is a little buggy.


Though, personally, I would argue that a plant pot should have some inherent beauty, which would be multiplied by good materials.

Otherwise, there is minimal benefit to making a plant pot out of gold, over a table, or a stool, which have inherent beauty and thus will be far more attractive when multiplied by gold or silver modifiers.


I thought it wasn't working too until I built a room and put a prisoner in it and I just kept adding plant pots to the room until I noticed the Pleasant Environment modifier on the prisoner. It took 5 of them to make a noticeable change, but if you make the beds and tables and flooring be the most beautiful you can then you wouldn't need 5 pots to bump the beauty up to the first level. Also, avoid putting anything ugly or low in beauty rating in the rooms you want to be beautiful because a single 0 rating object can drop the average dramatically.