Deathly mist!

Started by Headshotkill, October 19, 2014, 10:12:46 AM

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Oh noes! A deathly cloud of green mist is passing over the area!

I thought about how we crashed on an alien planet and thought about some interesting things that the world could offer. This is slightly stolen from Dwarf Fortress but I guess they will see it as a compliment.

Let's start with detection/prediction of clouds approaching you: You can build a weather-station! Using the weather station opens up the world map, here you could see if a massive purple cloud spanning maybe 10 regions is moving over the land. These clouds can spawn from swamps/exotic jungles/... anything that could contain alot of mushrooms... The weather-station tracks the movement of a potential cloud on a daily basis so you can check every day how and where the cloud is moving to. The weather-station could also be used to predict any normal storms approaching but let's focus on the poison clouds for now. If you think the cloud will pass right over you then it's time to prepare!

For gameplay reasons let's just say a gasmask is enough to protect your colonists from inhaling the mist. You can make gasmasks from most materials used for clothing but you also need active coal. You make active coal using a furnace that acts like the cremation-furnace that you feed with coal and which makes active coal!
Gasmasks are stored on shelves and by clicking a button you can make people take/wear them or take them of after the cloud has passed by. If you want to keep the air out of your indoor areas you can make airlocks which have a special object in them that purifies the air.

Different clouds!

Clouds could have different effects like:

-Once inhaled it turns you into a crazy zombie-like creature, if you think you're safe with your mask on think again because animals are affected too!

-Once inhaled it just kills you after several hours...

-Inhaling it has no effect but most of the flora dies!


Write down below what other effects might be!


Probably too evil. Also, this would be yet one more reason to go full-on Dwarf. :)
Raiders must die!



I want my colony to be permanently surrounded by these toxic clouds, Zombie clouds preferably 8), That would change the game forever.
The best Bait for visitors is a place to eat.


Maybe the cloud only kills certain colonists ... first-born male offspring, for example?   :D  Unless you smear megascarab blood around your doors, that is.


Boomrat blood. Let's make them work for it.
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nah, would ruin any open colony out there and the environment you play on.


Do u even WW1, brah? No need for fancy jungle spores. It already exists as a deadly weapon. It's called Chlorine Gas.
On the right path, but the wrong medication.

I like how there's a thing that displays how long you've logged in to the forums. It shows just how many hours you've spent here, never to get back...