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Author Topic: [MOD](Alpha 10) Mounted Weapons (v1.0)  (Read 4722 times)


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[MOD](Alpha 10) Mounted Weapons (v1.0)
« on: April 23, 2015, 02:18:15 PM »

Mounted Weapons
Alpha 10
Current version: 1.0
Made by: SlimeCrusher
Tired of those weak, inefficient and costly little improvised turrets? Want more firepower to deal with those pesky mechanoids and tribals? Search no more! This mod adds a new weapon, the HMG (Heavy Machine Gun), in it's normal stance it's inaccurate and crappy, but once mounted it's a beast of a gun.
To mount it, research "HMG mount", then find an enemy that wants to cooperate by giving you an HMG (aka kill him), or just buy it from your local orbiting exotic-goods trader. After that, build the mount using your favorite metal, and some steel. You should be able to simply weld the gun to the mount.
It should look like this:

Steps to make it work (skip step 1 and 2 if you're not mounting it, rimworld limitations):
1. Buy/make some magazines in your ammunitions table, make sure they're full of bullets.
2. Insert the magazine, it should look like this:

3. Done, you're ready to fire at those pesky raiders, and they'll never know what hit them!

Graphical notes:
Those wooden rods are for using it while mounted, the bottom pistol-grip is for using it while not mounted. The thingy at the bottom of the barrel is a bipod, the mounted one has this tripod removed and is instead welded to that metal rod. I say this so that you don't go crazy.

Known bugs:
. Rarely, colonists will forget they were manning the machine gun and will stay doing nothing, it happens when they go to grab a magazine. Still not sure if it's a mod bug or just a RimWorld bug.
. Not really a bug, but the weapons say "Shell loaded/Shell not loaded" instead of "Magazine inserted/not inserted", i can't think of a way to change this, so you'll have to live with it...

Direct Download

Quick notes:
This mod was created for the people that like manned turrets, but without all the stuff other mods offer, this is just the HMG, without any fancy stuff, to keep it simple. I will release some more content as an optional expansion though.
Found incompatibility with other mod you like? Find the HMG overpowered? Underpowered? Found a bug? Tell me, either PM or reply, and i'll try to fix anything!   ;) ;D
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Re: [MOD](Alpha 10) Mounted Weapons (v1.0)
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2015, 03:33:15 PM »

The magazine thing is a good idea, I take it, thank you :)
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