[Mod Request] Organ Extractor

Started by palandus, February 03, 2015, 11:18:54 PM

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I was wondering if someone could code in (I doubt the vanilla game would allow it, but if it can, awesome) a table of some sort (or bed, or whatever is your creative desire) that extracts all the organs and bionic parts from a living body. Normally, you can only extract one body part at a time and thus the moment you take something like the Heart, the target dies and is thus unworkable anymore.

So, what I'm looking for is something that could extract all of the organs at once from a body that are salvageable.

Optional: If you could make this work on corpses as well as living people, that would be awesome as well.


Oh lawdy. Put them in a cryptosleep casket but instead it liquefies them and removes all their organs.  Yes...   /laughs evilly.


So is that a yes, you are going to do it or...?


My word man.... how many body parts do you need? Just curious but what on earth are you doing with all those parts? lolz... Sorta scared to hear the answer.