JuliaEllies Mod List --DISCONTINUED-- Thanks for your support - I love you

Started by JuliaEllie, November 02, 2014, 10:15:11 PM

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Thanks for your support - I love you

Hey everyone this is my (presumably) full list of mods I released:


Canned Food
VeinMiner - mine all the veins!!

Alpha 10:
Cryptohax Cryo Charges - hack all the Crypto Caskets!
Battle Stations - RTS Squads - Ctrl + ANYKEY

Alpha 9:

The Inspection - Spike Traps
Rainbow Road - colored floor lights
Hobo Stove
Nu Metals - Natural Steel?? Pls... Adds metal ores and smelting
Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch
Void Hopper

Alpha 8:

Wolflovers - Werewolves
Deep Strike - For teh Emprah! Warhammer 40k project
Your own motes! - WITH TEXTURES!

Alpha 7:

Pants Free Colony
Wonka Corp (chocolate!!)
SilverNose - Nose replacements
RumWorld - Rum for the RimWorld


Abandoned/Proof of Concept:

Blood Pact - Proof of Concept - died during the Port from Alpha 6 to 7
Pforzheim - Jewelry - Proof of Concept - many items with one ThingDef
Texture Nurse - Proof of Concept - Texture Pack injection.
Eug.. Genetics - Eugenics Simulator 2014 - dieded from private methods :(
New Recipe Nurse - obsolete
Quality Labels - see all qualities at a glance - OBSOLETE
Better Beacons - auto Stockpiles! - OBSOLETE
Bluestone - RimGate 2014 - Redstone but in blue :D - Proof of Concept - self made networks


Have fun with my mods - feel free to use them in your mod packs, lets plays, streams, etc or draw your "inspiration" from them. Please credit and leave me a message on the forum and/or in the corresponding mod thread.



Maybe you can make Eug...Genetics ported to alpha 8? :)


I second that, I'd love to be able to play with Eug ... Genetics. I was so excited when I saw the mod I downloaded it not noticing it was for Alpha 7 :(


I undertand that you guys want Genetics back but:

Quote from: JuliaEllie on December 15, 2014, 09:24:51 PM
Quote from: Ouan on December 15, 2014, 08:55:21 PM
So, I went to write to you about your mode being totally broken. It was going to be one of the few major complaints that I have had for your mods. Instead, it turns out that I can not read and now require to go back to kindergarten to learn 7 from 8. I decided that after my first play-through on the new alpha to dive into the mods that are out already as I usually do after my first sorjourn to into learning the new mechanics. It turns out that the mod for genomes is not yet 8 and when installed on my newest colony, it makes the game unplayable, but only after you first try to build one of your mods pieces.
I usually turn to your mod productions first to see what has come out of your mind since I last played. When I went onto your twitch today to see if you had anything cooking and I saw a new list to all of your creations that you had linked. I went through the list, fell in love wit the genome idea on top of the the borging process, and figured that coupled with ExtendedSurgery, I would make quite the evil mountain fortress of enhanced doom. Alas, neither this mod nor extended surgery are yet out for Alpha 8, so I will have to wait impatiently for this mod to be revamped for the new changes (as it obviously is not near to compatible based upon my error log of despair and my now unplayable play-through) . Not bad crowd appeal considering that I did not even know you had made this thing before today. Keep up the good work!

Thanks. I am very sorry that this mod ruined your playthrough but at the moment I can not update this mod to Alpha 8 because Lord Tynan made a core method used in the mod as a core mechanic (namely adding Comps on runtime) private. The whole genome management relied on the forbidable component and the AddComp() method was embedded in my own ThingMaker. Porting this mod to Alpha 8 would mean a complete rewrite of the mod.

tl;dr - Im sorry but I cant update it because of a change in the game code.


A quote of mine in a separate thread from its original life. Excellent. That being said, we will figure out Eugenics... genetics again. One day. Maybe by Beta 1 or 3.  ;)
Damn Pirates!


Are archives of your streams available?  Some googling has not found anything.

Maybe I'm just being dense.


I see that my one stop shop for all things JuliaEllie related does not disappoint! I can not wait to catch you on stream again. I have some ideas for a few mods that might be up your alley if you are in need of a few ideas for your next challenge! Keep showing us those awesome skills! 
Damn Pirates!


Shameless self promotion bump


Yeah! \o/ Good to see you back in the saddle again! Stop throwing museum piece monitors out the window!  The past deserves better treatment!
Damn Pirates!


You ... you make beautiful things ... ;___;

I am totally going to steal some of them. (yeeah, yeah ... they are free anyway, but I wanna feel like a pirate)



Will the food to cans mod be getting a update or are you done with that?  I think its one of those overlooked mods that is actually one of the best ones.  Simple things huh :D


Alpha 11.

Minute of silence for Julia :'(