Eclipse Effects Geothermal Operation

Started by nosferatu, November 18, 2014, 09:45:45 PM

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I had two turrets next to a geo-thermal energy source. A connection was completed, but when an eclipse occurred, the turrets went offline. Could this be drain from the rest of my colony? I had a smelter online along with a few other turrets. In total two geo thermal vents working in unison. I'd expect that to be enough to run quite a lot.

Bottom line: It appeared as though Eclipses degraded/halted the performance of geo-thermal energy sources.


If the geothermal generators were connected to anything else, then the output is divided, hence why your turrets lost power. When the input is divided, the turret takes much more input than a lamp, thus a lamp will light and a turret will deactivate. Try deactivating some lights and other resistors, or disconnecting everything else from your generators.

Also look at the output of your generators. If it's 0, it's a bug. If it isn't, then they're operating properly.
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