[M|0.7.584] Game crashed when colonist hauled meal reserved by hungry colonist.

Started by JKTD1919, November 29, 2014, 03:27:07 PM

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Version Found: Mac build 584

Game froze when Colonist Hauled meal reserved by hungry colonist.

Both colonists were hungry. Both went after Packaged Survival Meals in the same stack; one arrived first, took one, and ate it, while the next continued to target the same stack. My colonists traveled a long way to get these meals, and my farms were not ready for their first harvest for another few days (it was cloudy and rainy for the past three days.) So I configured a stockpile to accept PSMs. I unpaused, watched the first colonist finish their meal, and then walk over and pick up the stack of PSMs. I did not prioritize this; it could perhaps be because the stockpile was set to Critical. Game crashed when second colonist was still targeting the stack.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Make two colonists hungry; make sure Colonist 1 has Hauling as top priority task.
2. Make them both go to the same meal stack. Ensure that there are no other item stacks near the meal stack that the first colonist may try to haul. Be sure that one can arrive and eat their meal before the second arrives at the meal stack.
3. Open a stockpile at Critical priority for the type of meal they have targeted.
4. Observe as Colonist 1 picks up the meal stack and attempt to haul it. Game will freeze.

Expected Results: "Cannot Haul - [Meal] Reserved by [Colonist 2]." condition forces Colonist 1 to search for another task nearby.

Actual Results: Colonist 1 hauls a meal stack reserved by Colonist 2 for eating. Game freezes.
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