[A11] Apothecarius FD - A11 FIXES - YOU NEED THOSE (19.06.2015)

Started by JuliaEllie, August 15, 2014, 07:01:30 AM

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Do you use the hivemind system?



Really hope this gets an update soon, One of my favorite mods since it adds such a valuable source of production. The best part is that it takes so much metal and a decent amount of resources to get medical production up and running resulting in a rather balanced mod. I'm gonna need all the meds i can get!


I liked the hive mind feature, could you maybe bring it back. :'(


Hello there!
Guess I miss the craftable medicine more than most so I decided to update it to 12d.
No loose ends on my side. Please test it and report.
P.s. It was quite a study to get it clean, I must admit.



Or maybe you should have one download link for the soylent green and medicine and one for all three sub mods or regular mods (whatever they are) so that everyone is happy. The hive mind fans will download the second one and the non hive mind fans will download the first one.


Quote from: TotalMLG55 on September 14, 2015, 07:07:16 PM
Or maybe you should have one download link for the soylent green
Like this? For v12

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Quote from: Das Ganon on April 09, 2016, 07:47:35 PM
So... any chance of an A13 update?
+1 Soylent green production chain was the only thing keeping me from viewing raids as a pointless time sink (after I have 8+ colonists, anyway).


Hey guys,

sorry Im not very active anymore in the community. I dont see any point in updating my mods anymore since most of the functionality is already in the game. The soylent green feature is maintained by dismar. Have fun :)


I know I'm not very active here but, any chance of someone picking up the hivemind mod? Maybe making a new one? It's probably that far out of date its unuseable by now. I would even settle for this mod and the version of rimworld it worked on.
I loved this mod and still miss it. It almost felt like playing on the other side. That loss of humanity as you engineer your people to be more machine than man.


Bring back the hivemind please, that's literally the only thing I wanted when I discovered that this mod existed.
Note: I only made this account to say that and am probably not going to use it for much else.