Better visualisation for Poison Ship Part effect

Started by b0rsuk, August 13, 2016, 09:06:41 AM

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This comes time after time after time - people starting thread asking why crops are mysteriously dying. It's an indication the game is deficient in this area.

For every person who starts a thread and asks, there are probably 10 forum lurkers with the same problem, and 100 players who never come to forums.


Good Idea, some greenish fog like toxic fallout should do the trick :)

While we are at it : why does it snow, kill everything around it for every type of mechanoid ship ?
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How about the poison ship simply apply a lesser version of toxic fallout? That should make the event a bit more interesting/challenging and give a clear indication of what the problem is.


What about a clean visualization of the poisoned terrain? Like purple colored.
Also, why the hydroponic cultures die?
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