everyone hauls

Started by Azrell, August 13, 2016, 10:37:59 PM

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Hauling should not be something people dont know how to do. Im not saying some people should not suck at it but moving objects is a basic skill, like putting your clothes on speaking.

Im just finding that the more i play, i spend so much time micro managing people hauling and much like cooking you have to have a dedicated "hauler" or 2 just to get things done. It take away from the more interesting parts of the game like designing buildings.

maybe increase the rate that animals haul or explain how it works better because i have a herd of trained animals that dont haul anything.


do your animals have 8/8 in hauling training? I find they dont haul at all before you have full 8 points trained.
But then when you have something like 5 or more hauling animals, it really starts to help a lot.


Make sure your animals aren't in a restricted zone. Like colonists, they will not leave a zone they are set to. Be sure your hauling animals have access to where things that need hauling are.