Campfires and the dangers of frozen food

Started by JonoRig, December 11, 2014, 08:44:05 AM

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So i just had my first (very short) play through of the new alpha, and i noticed that you can freeze foods to keep them indefinitely, i also saw my colonists quite happily chomping on frozen potatoes.

in real life you do not eaten frozen for a lot of reasons, its unpleasant, its probably not good for you in itself, and the potential of food poisoning such as Listeria. Therefore i think there should be downsides more so then mood affects to frozen foods, maybe a small chance of getting ill, what with our lovely disease mechanic, and my solution to early game frozen stuffs would be the campfires.

like a cooking stove, the campfire could have bills attached to create "cooked" foods, as in rename it to "cooked potato" "cooked meat" , whilst such things do not completely remove the chances of getting sick, they would minimise it until food can be prepared properly and safely, and negate some or the eating raw mood effects, maybe make it similar to nutrient paste, as lets face it, i dont wanna eat a potato i just set fire to haha


For now at least, food is instantly frozen/thawed based on room temperature. Unless the basic design is changed it's basically impossible, either the room is warm enough the food isn't frozen or it will instantly refreeze when you cook it.


Or you should make it unable to eat frozen foods. You need to cook the food or something before you can eat it.


Yeah I noticed this as well. When my colonists brought it from the freezer they ate it but it wasn't showing as frozen once it got into a room where it was warm. Maybe have it so it takes a few seconds to re-heat it to room temperature like in a microwave or oven/cook table lol. Otherwise it would take something like 30 seconds to thaw then you could eat it. Also the cooling units seem to have issues with keeping small areas at a stable cool temperatures I've noticed. I was wondering if that's just my game or its its the same for others as well. I have a 1x2 freezer made with with metal walls and it fluctuates +/- 5c all the time even when the door isn't open.


maybe the freezer should be a Room, enclosed with specific walls, perhaps a specific door as well that way the room will always be - power dependent - at the user set temperature. Perhaps with a rising scale, the colder the more power required.


anyone know for fact the maximum size that a room can be  to be kept at a set tempreture?

do batteries output heat?
Yes another god damn youtuber.


I believe they do, as I got one battery room to about 60℃ before I poked a hole in the roof