Temperature overlay

Started by nils, December 14, 2014, 08:15:25 AM

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Similar to showing homezones, I'd like to see a color-graded temperature overlay for the gameworld. That would make setting up your heating systems etc much easier, and might give a good indication where and how much heat is lost if any.




I was just about to post this, and then I saw this thread. Count me in, that would be VERY practical.


Just resurrecting this thread as it's still not in.
Was going to post the idea myself but see someone beat me to it.
It's greatly needed, especially when playing in a frozen wasteland or jungle.


I think it would be very useful.


It would also help if it showed where heat/cold was leaking out in our designs so people who are new to the game will understand it better because a visual representation goes a long way than to an explanation on the forums in text. /signed