Started by rizay, December 15, 2014, 04:14:08 PM

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There should be an option menu for hunting.
Constantly picking out animals for hunting is time consuming and irritating.

So the hunting priorities would be as followed(X indicates he should be allowed to hunt for it)
Hare (X)
Monkey( )
Muffalo( )


I'd love to see this implemented one day, I'm kinda forgetful when it comes to designating animals for hunting.
Help out with the wiki!


Feel free to contact me about wiki questions or wiki admin stuff.


It will be nice to implement hunting as bill bound to some kind of "hunting station".

This will allow to set every param of hunting without adding one more region type and without any type of overhead.

Station implementation also will allow fast and effective way of storing hunting params.
In case of pawn bound menu, you will have bad time copypasting params.


Or maybe just a 'hunting zone' any animals of types enabled in the zone's menu entering the zone are flagged for hunting. done.


I will implement both hunting zone and "hunting station" as mod, there is absolutely no limits about marking all (or specific) animals who entered\left region for hunting.
Also there is completely no limit on hacking workstation into tagging animals for hunting and monitoring stage of tagged animals ever without interaction with pawns.