[A16] minimurgles Magnificent Modifications (V1.0)

Started by minimurgle, April 07, 2017, 01:36:15 PM

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This mod doesn't change any of the core files of Rimworld so it shouldn't conflict with any mods. If it does please let me know so I can fix it.

Most of the items in this mod are not well balanced. Though I'm constantly making changes to fix this, so any feedback would be very helpful.

Along with changes I'm making I'm also adding more content. Anything said above goes for new stuff too.

Download: https://github.com/minimurgle/minimurgle-Magnificent-Mods/releases/tag/v1.01
Steam WorkShop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=901924597
Currently in the mod

  • 1 storyteller
  • 1 difficulty
  • 2 melee weapons
  • 5 ranged weapons
  • 2 build-able items

Currently these mods aren't available separately, but I can always change that if it's wanted enough.

BBSG (Boom Boom Shooty Gun)

BBSG stat's
The BBSG is a slower firing explosive projectile shotgun

The custom minimurgle storyteller and difficulty
This storyteller should be faster and harder than Cassandra
It could also be described as Cassandra on luci withdrawal.
I mainly made it because I felt the game was too easy as is.

NNPS (Nukey Nukey Pellet Shooty)

NNPS stat's
The NNPS is slower and more innacurate than a normal shotgun but features 12 pellets that give the target toxic buildup

Boxing gloves

Boxing Gloves stat's
The Boxing gloves offer the same damage base as the fist but do damage to consciousness

FFFS (Fwoosh Fwoosh Flamey Spouty)

FFFS stat's
The FFFS is essentially a flamethrower. What it lacks in speed and accuracy it makes up for in blanket coverage

I don't mind if anyone uses anything from this for their own mods or packs, just please give credit where it's due.

I need to give credit to few people

  • Granitecosmos
  • Xeonovadan
  • Greep
These people were all extremely helpful with figuring out the code.

Cicero did some of the artwork here. It'd be a pain to list which ones he did so I'll just say he did all the good ones.
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You had me at the BBSG ..

Click,Click BOOOOOM !
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The BBSG is the mysterious mistress that started all of this. It's captivation is untouched.
Don't mind the questions. I'm probably just confused.