Tips and Tricks for Rimworld

Started by slauenbach, December 18, 2014, 07:30:15 AM

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Write your tips and tricks for Rimworld:


When defining growing zones, save yourself time and effort by putting them on soil rather than wooden floors.


When facing mechanoids, take out the inferno cannons first


Avoid costly delays with getting defenders to your walls by not having any walls in the first place.


Make sure you have couple of turrets and firing positions around your orbital trade beacon.
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Use manual priorities, make a schedule which colonist should do which job you can apply at the start of every game.
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Setting up a kill zone is essential to survival as the AI starts to throw larger and larger attacking raids at your base.

attached is a pdf of my preferred Kill zone

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If you befriend every faction you will only face mechonoids.

You will no longer have to deal with sieges :)

Since you are no longer fighting humans this will eliminate "most" rotting corpses and thus negative thoughts about it :) (unless the mechinoids kill people along the way of course)

You will no longer get to capture enemies to increase your colony size :(

You can stockpile a lot of chain guns, metal, and plastisteel :)

You can no longer stockpile other weapons without buying them :(

Enemies generally attack the closest target to it,  put turrets up front and colonists in the back.


Space turrets about 4 tiles apart so they don't explode each other.


- I haven't tried this but instead of building a clear and symmetrical killing zone, build a large sparse semi-random forest of singular stone wall blocks. They'll work as cover for your colonists as well as raiders. That should/could make battles interesting, turning every fight into a shooting chess match of sorts.

- Having trouble with raiders overwhelming you with sheer numbers? Build cover spots for the raiders in the killing field to encourage them to take cover instead of rushing towards you. Just make sure their cover is worse than yours!

- Raiders never attack natural rock. Never mine exterior rock needlessly.


If you're a fan of Mountain bases, and your base is burrowed into a mountain which touches the edge of the map, save space by placing the cooler on the last row of constructible tiles and store your perishable items past the boundary.

Also, if you have a lot of space, mine out your base leaving one layer of stone between every room (even if you use current walls) as this prevents the spread of fire from room to room.

Make sure your colonists can interact with as many structures as possible, in case of fire. Leave research benches and power generators a tile away from walls, and keep lights and plant pots out of corners.

I lay my colonies out with the infirmary/prison the closest to the main entrance as possible--as I've lost many dying pawns in hallways--with the kitchen and dining areas next closest, and colonist beds furthest away.
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Here, some screenshots of gold god mode things!

Don't put plant pots next to medical bed pillows.

Juli can be operated on, Lacey can't. Need one space open next to the pillow for an operation, though not for healing or feeding, because operations need a space to drop the medicine (and other ingredients, if any). (Picture is from A7, plant pots look different in A8, but it's still true.)

Don't put two stools on a table corner.

Only one person can use a table square at a time, but people will still use the second stool, they'll just eat off the floor.
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Save money on weaponry by wrestling your enemies to death.


I've only just recently picked up this game. And one thing I discovered by myself; if you for some reason want to get through granite walls, you can place and cancel coolers, to remove it. This will probably be fixed in a later build.


It might sound stupid but for the first time players your growth area can grow different stuff not patatoes alone
Change it to other crops with the menu on the left when a empty spot of the area is selected (not where a plant is growing)

and a sleeping area is not a bed :) build beds or they will keep sleeping on the floor :)


If one of your colonists gets touchy and decides to bail ship, you can arrest them and set their mode to "release" in the prisoner tab, which will make them a part of your colony again without convincing them.

It gives them a -15 (approximately) buff, however. It's better than having them leave or try to break the arm of another one of your colonists, though.