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Started by popsch, December 21, 2014, 05:11:16 AM

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I bought the game a couple of weeks ago and I'm happy that I paid the full price for it. I was now able to completed the game for the first time. I'll never have an as disorganized colony as the first one :)

Here is some feedback on the game. I already saw some points mentioned in the forum, some might be new though.

* Bugs/Interface

** I have some unfinished sculptures and swords lying around from suspending the bill while they worked on it. The colonists don't seem to use them to finish the job.

** When you tell a colonist "stay in bed until fully healed", you cannot assign a doctor to heal the colonist.

** Sometimes my colonists run to the end of the map to eat one emergency meal instead of the food in the colony. What is even worse, they don't even carry back with them as they hurry to the next job in the colony. A fix for that would be a check whether a hauling job is in the vicinity of the start point and ends in the vicinity of the end point, and if so, take something with them.

** Allow using hotkeys to store specific locations on the map and then automatically go there.

** Allow using hotkeys to store specific groups of colonists (e.g., have a platoon specific colonists to attack the pirate's bases)

** I cannot seem to be able to place statues. Am I am missing something?

** Have a log of events that happened, so you can revisit something in case you accidentally dismissed the notification.

* Micromanagement

** The fighting option should offer to move into range and then shoot. Right now it's a lot of micromanagement.

** Please don't add more weapons in the vanilla game. It's already a lot of repetitive clicking to ensure that your tool gears only contain the weapons you want there. (The edb interface mod is great with the copy&paste option, but I played vanillay up to now)

** Allow wall upgrades (electrification and material). I initially build things with wood and then want to upgrade it to stone. Tearing down the wall and then selecting it again to rebuild it, is cumbersome work. This would also be good for beds and other items.

** Allow at least 2 gear profiles for colonists (e.g., hunting with an M-24 sucks) so you don't have to manually rearrange gear.

* Features

** Provide the option of 'fog of war'. It will drastically change the game, as you cannot built 9 mortars and bomb any attacking party to shreds. You will need someone to scout the area where they are. (cue: add mines that just incapacitate)

** Missions would be great, because they will cause you to break the standard routine to optimize your outcome. E.g., "Your neighbour has a drastic shortage of body parts, send them some parts to get goodwill" or "You hear an emergency broadcast for a war in the neighbouring Delta system, weapons traders will pay extra for XY."

** Add "Shai-Hulud" (the worms in Dune). I always loved these beasts in the original Dune 2 RTS game. Naturally, Shai-Hulud cannot dig through stone floors (maybe not even wood).

** Add a cycle treadmill that you can assign colonists to to produce power for your turrets during eclipses  :D

** Diplomatic system and negotiations with visiting tribes. Forge alliances, make foes for life!

* Balancing

** Increase the subsequent cost of some items based on maintenance. E.g., each turret costs 'base*1.05^(#turrets)'. No more crazy spawning. The argument for the increased cost is on-going maintenance. Different difficulty levels have different factors for the maintenance


Known issue with A8
They heal faster in a medical bed, but docs will only actively treat injuries once and then natural healing finishes the job, illnesses get treated once daily
=jogging to lunch
annoying yes I agree, hoping for some AI improvements as we go =)
Agreed, would be nice
=Placing statues
Select statue to place, click install button on it, click target location
=Log , move and shoot, wall upgrades, gear profiles, item maintenance, 'missions'
Another agreement and items I'd expect him to get to, he's got a lot on his plate first though
=more weapons
I assume the interface will be improved as we go making this less an issue
=The Rest
no opinion =)