[MODPACK] (Alpha 9) General's Arrangement

Started by general222291, April 05, 2015, 04:41:40 AM

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This is a small mod pack that is designed to have community-made expansion tree's, see below for for info!

General's Arrangement Base Pack:

Apothecarius - Grow flowers, then turn them into medicine! Also adds life support and co.
Auto Hunt Beacon - Hunt all animals in range... meat :)
Bio-Diversity - Different animal's faces to shoot off
Can I Brew It? - Magically transform food into pleasurable poison  ::)
CaveWorld Flora - Makes magic mushrooms grow in the dark... not those ones :P
EdB Interface - Adds a very cool interface to control your minions in an even more unrealistic way :D
EW XP Compatibility Patch - Makes wood from one mod work with the other, the barrier has been broken  ???
Extended WoodWorking - Stops you cutting down tropical trees and getting oak wood :D
Finer Things - Give your colonist's finer things, like lung cancer and a hangover :)
Guns+ - + more guns... May get replaced with Project Armory on Alpha 9 release
Hospitality - changes the "Hey, a good-looking women spilling blood all over the floor, with no limbs and 1 lung... not my problem..." aspect of the game
Hydroponic - Now aliens need to find a way to flatten machinery without breaking it to form crop-circles.
Medical Drinks - You don't even know what your drinking  8)
Medical Training - Allows colonists to enjoy the moment when they rip a dead corpse apart and experiment inside there enemies... or friends  :o
Not Only Beer - Allows any form of drug to be auto-consumed, Useful for getting 40+ colonists high :)
Priority Haul - Adds haul priorities...
Quorn - Grow meat because why not?
Roof Support + Roof Support Tool - Actually allows you to have a large underground home... bring on the smugglers den  ;D
Temperature Control - Create a 200 degrees death corridor for your enemies, or central heating :)
Thingamajigs - Finally create the deadly wooden spoon :D
Weed - Space Dogg's gift to you  ;D
Xtra Plants - Grow even more crops to suit your variety and fill up your storage  :P
Xylene-Antirage - Allow your kids to climb on potentially 100 degrees Geothermal generators   :-\

All credit goes to the amazing modders, who put there time into making these amazing add-ons

This modpack is designed to be relatively small, because I want to introduce a new feature, community made expansions, these are a small group of mods submitted by you and other people from the community that expend on a certain topic (e.g. defense expansion = enhanced defense mods etc.). These are all up to you!

Rules for submitting an expansion:
Must be no more than 15 mods
1 expansion per reply
Mods must be relevant to the expansion topic
1 Expansion per subject
I will reply to all submissions, and if I agree with the submission I will ask you to PM me the download to test it

Wandering Caravans [A15]


Modpack will be live when I have permission from all modders :)
Wandering Caravans [A15]