Draft commands.

Started by Vonholtz, December 31, 2014, 07:56:38 PM

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Ok I have only been playing for a week now so I am sure this may already been suggested. But I found some post close but a little different.

I would like to see some set commands for when you draft your people. Commands like the one below.

Draft order all return to base. (or maybe pull everyone back to jobs in the home zone till the all clear) I know this may not be a draft order but it would help when every second counts.
Draft order all assemble at set place
Draft order all go to set battle stations
Draft orders all go stand by your assigned bed

There maybe more that would help but those are just a few I can think of. Now you ask why on some of them.

Well return to base is to get your people on the way back in case of a attack. This will also keep any other from going out. Maybe a base alarm keeping them to jobs only in the home zone till you can find out what going on. I know this may not be a draft order. But it a thought.

All assemble at a set point is so you can get ready for making a attack or getting ready for a attack. You have to have a way to set a place for all your people to go to when you call.

Now offen times I use the same people in the some point of defense. So why not have a set Battle station. Military base and ships do this why would you colony have some thing the same.  They will just run at best speed to the place they are set to go.

Last you ask why a command to there bed. Well I have found in my first game you have to have clothing for summer ans well as heavy clothing for winter. But what to do with the clothing when i do not need it. Well I have found I leave it in there rooms on the ground. And for this I have to wait for everyone to go to there rooms and then hand drop there gear. It would be easier if I can sent them all to there rooms and then go to each one and drop or pick up said gear. As well some time you want to get every one close to base but not ready to attack yet this will let you pull them in to a place where you will know where they are and look for anyone who is missing.

Now again I am new to the game I am sorry if this has come up before or maybe it in the game already and I just missed it. Hell I am not sure I know how to draft all my people yet with out dragging a box around them all and hitting draft. I only know a small number of commands right now. Anyway let me know what you think or if you have any more idea for commands.