Prisoners... More Prisoner like.

Started by knowingerty, January 01, 2015, 09:18:08 PM

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Have you just been bored of just prisoners being locked up doing nothing? Have your prisoners been suffering from cabin fever because all they can do is stay in that small room? Of course you have!

I am suggesting that we should rework the prisoner system so they have zones they go exchange into like a yard, rooms, and canteen. I am thinking that you should add zones that designate where the prisoners can go and what it is there.

In another note you should make prisoners help work in zones like help with cooking, mining, hunting and such. But have an armed warden supervising them nearby so you might need multiple wardens for multiple tasks.

Overall I think you should just make prisoners do more prisoner works and not just be locked up only hoping that you can recruit them. However I know that would make no use for colonists but I also think that you should add that they are severely limited in what they can do and put more power into colonists. IE: more complex tasks like building, research, crafting, art, doctoring, warden (obviously).




Tynan has stated in the past that he wanted to expand upon the prisoner system, however that may happen slowly, with small updates (Like the ability to release prisoners) or larger ones later on. It's all a question of time at the moment.
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What your proposing is a lot of work for something that isnt germain to the story. It would be nice if the prisoners tried to break out or set things on fire once in a while. They are too passive in their little rooms.


Doors prisoners can go through would be nice, my current prison has a door to a walled in courtyard that itself is surrounded by mountain.


I remember the good old days when you could torture them and make them join you xD I should like some characters with sertain traits be able to do that to prisoners when theren they are wardens. Not that they should join when treated like that but the colonist should be more evil.

I would like a way to get then out of the cell so they suppress the cabin fever. And a outdoors prison or prison work area whould be awesome for that.