Helping a dieing allies?

Started by Vonholtz, January 06, 2015, 04:04:01 PM

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Ok I am in my second week of Rimworld and it still a blasted. Now I have had random people or groups come by my colony and pass on. Now the other night one of my colony allies came by and then left. As they were going out a enemy of both of us attacked and came right for my colony. They saw the allies before I could do any thing to help as they come on to the map not fare from there leaving. They killed one and left the other one dieing on the ground. They attacked and I wiped them out to the attacker.

Now is there any thing I can do to help my allies dieing member? I can not do any thing else for them. Any thing else I do will get them mad at me other then let them die.

So have I missed some thing is there anyway to save a allies people and stay good with them?


Currently, there isn't a way to help without making your allies mad.

You COULD capture, heal, and release him... but it will still wind up having a negative impact on your relationship (though, not as bad as if you'd just held them prisoner).

If you want to continue maintaining your friendship with them, you just have to let him die.
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is the sledgehammer compatible with the romance mod?
Only in Rimworld.


Exactly this! ^

It would be nice if you in the near future could help them in any way, with even a positive effect.
But it might also just be a phychological thing, as you don't want to see your allies dying. Having them stare/bleed out have no negative effect after all, other than leaving a rotting corpse. It isn't like the ally colony is going to be weaker or hate you. You just happen to have another skeleton on your landscape! :)

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Gonna make another plug here for Haplo's Miscellaneous with MAI, a collection of mods including one by the name of Visitor Beds which will allow you to replace the bedding in your medical ward with visitor beds that can be used to go help wounded friendlies in exchange for small (though sometimes big) tokens of gratitude and better favour with their faction.


Thank you all. I will have to look in to the mod. And I do hope this is some thing they will fix in the game. I know it just a game but some how it just rubs me the wrong way even in a game to leave someone to die in the snow who a ally.  When I can save them.


Wow, that visitor beds thing sound pretty awesome. I would just like to point out that the 'friendly colonists visit' event is my favorite way of dealing with sieges. I hope that the friendlies and the raiders will cross paths, and then I go after the raiders while they are fighting the visitors. Even more loot for less risk!


you could make sure they cross paths by making designated hallways they need to follow sort of choke points in the middle of nowhere
my maps always become labyrinths for the tourists :)

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After a few raids and visitors have come and gone, you've probably noticed where they wander in from and the routes they usually take.

From there, if you're confident in your base defenses, you can use flooring to make roads of sorts from one side of the map to the other, giving everyone easier and faster paths to move across. This has the side effect of making raiders reach your base faster, so do be confident in your defense.