Why Dose Rimworld remind me of my childhood.

Started by Vonholtz, January 19, 2015, 07:34:59 PM

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It funny at first it did not dawn on me why I liked Rimworld so much. I am 47 now but back in the 70's as a child I had the fisher price little people toys. Now if you do not know what they are they are a round shaped body made of plastic or in the case of some of my older one made of wood. With a head stuck on top. Here is a pic of a Fisher Price little people family.
Now you tell me this is not Rimworld or just Fisher price in space. So dose anyone know was this planed out this way or is it just the way it came out? And don't get me wrong as a kid growing up I loved playing with my Little people toys. And now as a big kid I love playing with my rimworld little people. Oh and when are we going to get a Rimworld dog for are colony?  :P


If rimworld ever reminds you of your childhood, seek medical assistant: you may have 4 bionic limbs and someone else's heart.
Some sort of psychic wave has swept over the landscape. Your colonists are okay, but...

It seems many of the Centipedes in the area have been driven insane.


Is this why forearms remind me of turkey legs?