[1.3] Climate Cycle Extended.

Started by Leto, November 13, 2021, 08:44:12 AM

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Greetings just released my first addition to Rimworld.
Its a small mod that adds a extended climate cycle where you can chose the duration of the cycle and the temperature offset.



Wasnt this possible in vanilla already? Or is ths intended as a quick shortcut. The really usefull modd woul be that would add more days to a year, making sure colonists age slower and [lants take longe to grow (but yeild proportionally more crops)


vanilla got also a climate cycle game condition but it got a fixed time 4 years and temperature range -20 to +20.

With the mod you can create a cycle with custom duration and temperature offsets.


Added a download for non steam users https://github.com/Letosim/Rimworld-Climate-Cycle-Extended.