Project Eons Looking for C# Coder

Started by Kolljak, January 23, 2015, 02:41:10 PM

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We are in need of someone to do coding in C# or C++ whichever this game uses I have heard both are used.
dont really care if your new to it you can use us as practice its just we are unable to make any progress in starting this mod until we get at least 1 of the following

Coder [C#]
Coder [C++]
Artist [Any]


im learning to code C#, i can help as much as i can on the side! currently working on few other projects but like i said, ill help when i have some extra time! just pm me!

Learning to mod while also updating TTM Mod!
Full credit goes to Minami26


So what is the project
I could help out with some things if you need me, just ask :)


Its a ... well the discription is pretty long the info is on the image below my name if you click it. but what we actualy need now is a XML coder to help us when he has spare time atm we are in Phase 1 : collect LOTS of images that we need to make Temp images for the tech tree. just so we get them all nice and ready.