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Started by Kolljak, January 24, 2015, 09:48:14 AM

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Was wondering if any modder would like to make a Massive Resource repository everything from to. ill make a list below

This includes RAW and REFINED versions

Iron [Light grey]
Steel [Grey]
Titanium [Lighter color gray then iron]
Copper [Raw copper is green but turns orange when in contact with oxygen for long amounts of time]
Lead [Heavy and is used to reduce radiation levels]
Tungstun [used in production of tools / brittle and darkgrey color]
Cadmium [radioactive and refined uranium rod like apearance]
Salt [can be used to preserve food]
tin [weak whitish metal]
Cobalt [blu-ish metal high durability]
Carbon [Blackish mineral]
Sulfer [Yellow powder]
Sand [... yeah sand]
Zinc [White powder]

Charcoal [ Lighter black left behind from fire's placed but same as coal]

personal request

Gunpowder [ Combination of sulfer salt coal is]

There used to be a mod like this out there but its long outdated so if we could get a Mineral Resource EVEN if not all of them are going to be used it could help out alot, not just for me but for other modders too.


lol had to change the request to color white do to charcoal and black making the test below it black :D


You have the copper thing a bit confused.
Copper ore is green.
Refined copper is orange.
Refined copper left outside for a long period turns green again. Well at least the upper layer does.


Thats how real copper works so minable copper is green in apearance but raw and refined is orange.


Copper ore is commonly green, such as in malachite, however as with any metal there are multiple ores with various colours such as red, purple, yellow, blue, grey and iridescent. You can also dig up native copper (i.e. copper in its metallic non-ore form) which is orange.

Pure copper metal is orange, while oxidised copper is brown and copper that has oxidised severely enough to form a patina layer (such as on copper roofs and The Statue of Liberty) is green.

Copper usually only oxidises severely enough to turn green when it is used as an outdoor building material subjected to rain over a long period of time.
Exposed copper wires and tools will only gradually become brown with oxidation, as they would need to be either very ancient or left outside for a long time in order to turn green.


Most of the copper my ive seen is green but turns orange as it becomes exposed and Oxidizes. hmm.
but anywho more or less this was a mod idea to aid ALL tech tree modders who need resources for their game. doesnt need to be perfect. just ment for it to allow them to quickly access a repository of free mineral images. OUR mod is making our own from assets of BLACKJACK from IndustrialRim.