Planet Generation

Started by Latta, January 22, 2015, 10:36:22 PM

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Not just seed driven world gen.
For examples:
* One: You can choose planet type.
Desert(very hot, little to no rain) Arid(hot, less rain) Terran(same as now) Jungle(more jungle, warm, wet) Tundra(cold, a bit of rain and a bit of snow) Arctic(or Ice sheet, very cold, only snow)
* Two: You can adjust details of a planet, instead of given presets.
Rotation and revolution. If you make them same, then half of the planet will be a burning hell, and the other side will be a frozen death. Also, they will change day and season cycle time.
Atmosphere density. Lower value for dynamic temperature change between day and night, tend to cold and dry; higher value for less temperature change and hotter, maybe wet planet.
Water level. Higher for fewer land. Lower for more land.
Distance from star. Lower for hotter. Higher for colder.



The game only takes place on a little bit of the planet.  What does it matter how much of the rest is ocean , desert or whatever?

Johnny Masters

For thematic immersion obviously, although anything besides "*one" is way into the realm of overly complex stuff


there are no mono-climatic planets in reality. Those desert-, jungle- and forest- planets are the result of sci-fi scriptwriters fantasy.


Temperature-wise a planet would not be uniform, but the only human habitual zones might souly exist within the Arctic/Savannah temperature range, thus making it a desert-world (hot/cold).

In terms of forest worlds, yehhhhhhhhhhhh... it's unlikely but we can only speculate based on our fauna, which according to the lore has evolved way past what we know today, at some points in earth's history one might've described it as a forest-world (what with one centrally located mega-continent), further back maybe a mild desert, further back maybe a volcanic hellscape. 100 years from now maybe a nuclear wasteland, its not necessarily a static environment but for the purposes of a single play session they might as well be.

Regardless from the point of view of immersion it's only a good thing, the more options the better, but obviously the returns diminish. Something that would work well with this that is often suggested is randomised feature. Example: Roll crew (blind), Roll a planet (with this suggestion in mind), Roll where you drop on said planet with said crew.

So I'd like it, but I think it's perhaps a bit too much work for too little a gain, but it'd defiantly add a bit of flavour.