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0000784RimWorldGeneralpublic2014-06-18 11:06
Assigned ToTynan 
Platform64-bitOSWindowsOS Version7
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Summary0000784: Language data in mods is not used
DescriptionIf you add the Languages folder in the style of the core Languages folder (e.g. Languages/de-DE/DefInjected/ThingDef/xyz.xml) to a mod it should work as the core Languages folder in that it should provide translated text for the mod.
This doesn't work.
Steps To Reproduce-Load a mod with language data (added workplaces mod or royal bed mod)
-the workplaces mod should (in god mode) add two workplaces with the extension TEST to the production menu. This doesn't change.
-The royal bed mod should rename 'Royal bed' with language de-DE to 'Royal bed in german'. This doesn't change either.
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Fixed After0.5.476
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