SpaceSlog, a Rimworld type colony sim set in space on a spaceship.

Started by Produno, April 02, 2023, 01:12:30 PM

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I should probably mention first that I have cleared it with Tynan and he says I 'should' be good posting this here.  :D

I have been working on SpaceSlog for a while now, albeit mostly in my spare time and wanted to post about it here, where it all began. You will probably notice the game is heavily inspired by Rimworld but there are many differences.

- SpaceSlog is set in space and you must build and expand your ship, rather than a colony on a planet.
- I want to explore the ramifications of being couped up in a tin can and the effects this would have on a person.
- I plan to encourage exploration with opportunities to send away teams to planets, derelict ships or stations. This will be required to scavenge for supplies if needed.
- Different planets will require different equipment for your pawns. Various traits will probably effect how they react on these planets.
- There will be ship to ship combat, boarding, hull breaches, atmosphere and all that good stuff.

Note: Pawns may still get pissed eating without a table!

We have a Steam page you can check out

Or an Epic Games Store page.

Please feel free to ask any questions. Suggestions and feedback are also definitely welcomed.

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If anyone is interested we released our 3rd devlog video the other day where you can see more about the game.