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Any chance to make this work with 1.0 ?
Releases / Re: [1.1][SYR] Syrchalis' Mods
July 26, 2020, 04:46:06 PM
Will the latest (1.1) version work with 1.0 ?
Will the lastest version work with Rimworld 1.0 ?
Releases / Re: [1.1] SimpleSidearms (1.4.0)
July 26, 2020, 03:52:13 PM
When drafted colonist is forced to shoot someone with sniper rifle (SR) within assault rifle (AR) range, he switch to AR then switch back to (SR) and do nothing (not shooting), is this normal ?
Any chance to make these weapons craftable ? I've been using this mod since A17 and can't play with other weapon mod anymore because these weapons were soooo good, the old shield was what I missed the most. Thank you!
Hi Sarg, thanks for the awesome mod, I wanna ask how to use the patches, throw it all in rimworld mod folder or copy it to generic mod folder, I don't know much about modding so that confuse me a lot. Thank you !
i see it now, thank you for your reply :D
Hi Sarg, thank you for the great mod, I just wanna ask if v2.402 compatible with rimworld 1.0 ? If not could you show me the specific version that goes with 1.0, thank you very much.