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Bugs / Small UI Naming Inconsistency
August 18, 2018, 07:33:59 PM
With the collapsible resource trees up the top left of the UI it seems there's three foodstuffs trees "Food" "Meals" and "Raw food"

My "Food" tree currently contains just hay, not sure if kibble also goes in there. In any case, shouldn't it be "Animal Food"?

[attachment deleted due to age]
Huh I thought predators attacking pawns had been patched out.

It's a pretty annoying event, purely because the player is used to animals normally completely ignoring pawns. There's no way to tell animal behaviors at a glance. It boils down to "kill any predators when you see them" as opposed to something more interesting.
Had my first ever caravan rescue party go out on a mission.

It was a bit of a fiasco, I ended up having to camp on the site after freeing the prisoner. Had three pawns that needed to rest for a few days to heal their wounds, luckily there was ripe food to be foraged on the map. There was an enemy I didn't kill on the other side of the prison cell the whole time who didn't seem interested in doing anything once they ran out of mortar shells, which was odd.

I think for the sake of simplicity and ease-of-use pawns need a massive mood buff, or make mood irrelevant, whilst caravaning. And when performing a raid too. That part of the game is supposed to be the chance for it to feel like a more tactical action game rather than colony management.

In other news - blighted crops is still dang irritating and not-fun. My crops got blighted whilst all my people were on the rescue mission, and when I got home every field was blighted. Fair enough, I thought, I'll just disallow sowing and wait for all the crops to die to save the effort of clearing it all. But that didn't happen. So blight killing the plant within two days would be nice. (or being replaced entirely by a more interesting, not-spot-and-click-lots event would be nice too, like some megascarabs spawning to attack your crops or something)

Re; Endgame content - It'd be nice to see a "settled" endgame situation, where the player has to meet certain criteria to count as a fully fledged new town, instead of building a ship. I'm sure mods will cover it at some point, but imagine being able to focus your town on providing an inn for caravans or a weapons manufacturer etc etc
General Discussion / Re: Getting a handle on meat
August 17, 2018, 08:35:20 PM
Re: Meat availability

Would animals "passing through" the map MUCH more commonly help with this? And not large herds, just groups relevant to the species, ie a lone rhinoceros or half a dozen muffalos. This would give more realistic animal behavior (moving around more) whilst providing more short-term opportunities that would need acting on. That would be more satisfactory to me than depopulating the map of animals quickly, or simply always having some wild animals "on hand" at any point in time.

An advanced player with a map-spanning wall could even "exploit" it to trap animals, which is a totally reasonable proposition that would work in real life.
I've found an annoyance in my latest game -

I've got a "Gourmand" pawn, and every single night I get the "STARVATION!" warning pop up simple because they get hungrier than everyone else. It's pretty bloody annoying.
I'd like to see metal refinement in-game.

The player can be provided with plenty of early-game, low labor intensity resources through other means - ie ruins on the map, fallen space ship parts etc.
Quote from: Canute on August 03, 2018, 03:26:48 AM
QuoteI think livestock could also be improved by making them wander, instead of intelligently staying where the player wants. Then resources would have to be invested in fences etc.

And you think that would be an improvment ?
Since attacker like to attack any colony pawn creature on sight you will loose faster your lifestock then before.
Fences keep the lifestock at place, but don't help much against attacker, you have to build real walls

This hypothetical change would be to balance making animals a more efficient/viable food rearing option. It would cost the player resources, attention and space to make sure the animals stay somewhere and are protected for the return of turning grass into food, just like real life.
Quote from: erdrik on August 02, 2018, 08:39:21 PM
I don't think they should automatically tend to blighted crops. That would just turn it into an ignore-able event.

Couldn't you say the same for mechanical breakdown events, or fires?

I'd like to see some more "player has to find it" events (animal madness? one of your animals has a brain worm, take a look at them all to find the one spinning in circles/attacking a wall/acting odd etc.) but the blight isn't one of them...

Shouldn't it simply be a "hidden" general slight debuff to comfort?
It would be nice to see a re-design of many animals.

The reason you would keep things like chickens is they eat stuff we don't (grass, bugs etc) to turn it into meat. Grass in-game gets depleted very quickly, even by small animals. I'd like to see larger animals remain the same (need food, hay etc) and smaller animals be able to forage much more efficiently on almost any type of vegetation.

This bonus of low maintenance livestock could be offset by lower yields.

I think livestock could also be improved by making them wander, instead of intelligently staying where the player wants. Then resources would have to be invested in fences etc.

As it stands livestock seem to consume grass too quickly to farm reasonably for too little gain foodwise.
Yo Tynan, please add the possibility of dogs "cleaning" vomit spontaneously :)

Also the "crop blight" event still sucks. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the occasional "player has to go look for a thing" in builder games, the Anno games had you having to zoom in on your people to spot spies etc occasionally and it was a great way to get the player a little more involved with the otherwise-decorative greebles of the game. But in Rimworld it just turns into "click with mouse then press the Cut hotkey 30 times" which isn't fun or particularly engaging the nineteenth time you have to do it. Colonists should merely automatically tend to the crops.
Hot dog, most of the ideas in OPs post are fanastic.

Especially the ones that give the player more options, or give an option where none exists so far. (for example the suggestion for pawns snapping other pawns out of moods or rampages, instead of the current singular "arrest them" action)

As a story generator having believable events that don't immediately hamstring the gameplay is extremely important. (the point about colonists in-fighting shouldn't or should almost never result in serious permanent injury is a good one)

Also great, the ideas that spice up gameplay and add more possibly story events. (caravan randomly finding supplies/colonist/baddies en route)

Allow me to add my own suggestion -

Add a minor negative event where colonists can hurt themselves through minor everyday accidents, ie shutting fingers in doors, stubbing toes, chopping wood and having a tree branch fall and bruise them etc. Nothing bad enough or regular enough to majorly impact your game, but enough to add a little more personality and daily-life flavour.
Quote from: podium86 on July 25, 2018, 07:15:04 PM
One more small issue, newborn baby dogs drinking up my beers till they blackout. Honestly silly.

.... Rimworld is finally approaching the greatness of Dwarf Fortress! ;D
I think it's safe to assume all the pawns have a space-age pocket knife on them which includes a fire starter, given they're building walls and such with their "bare hands"
Quote from: Zombull on July 21, 2018, 06:52:02 AM
This would also "feel" better imo if the animals attacked the hunter then either went back to grazing or fled the map. The animals downing the hunter then charging for the colony feels unnatural and annoying. Especially when it's the whole herd.

Exactly, it's a game-ending scenario quite often, and it doesn't make satisfactory narrative sense or risk/reward sense, especially considering humans have hunted herbivores forever for survival in the wilds.