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Hm, perhaps these forums aren't in use any longer. :(

I really wanna try Royalty and Biotech, but if I can't get any Mods then it's just too much micromanaging headache at this point, and it's probably time to regretfully move along to something else.
I'm bummed. :( It sounds like the Mods could really make this game fun again. :( But after my 3rd playthrough and thousands of hours, I'm done sending colonists back for a 2nd trip to pick up the rest of the muffalo wool, know what I mean?
I feel like this has been asked a lot, and I apologize for being the Umpteenth to ask. :(
I'm unable to log in to my Steam account, although I can play Steam games. It's been a huge frustration that I have no idea how to rectify; multiple attempts to reset my password have proven fruitless. Sucks.
But, I can still play all my Steam games, which is great.
But I can't log in to download mods, nor can I log in via a command-line tool (I downloaded one and tried it) to get Steam mods. *sigh*

So, my question:
Is there someplace I can go to manually download a Rimworld Mod (I wanna start by trying Common Sense) and see if I can figure out how to do so? Vanilla Rimworld is becoming incredibly repetitive and the more settlers I get the more I get bogged down in stupid micro-managing tasks that are ruining the game for me. :(

Any advice or redirection is appreciated, though I've already tried the most obvious thread on this topic.
Thank you!