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General Discussion / Re: Pirate King?
September 27, 2019, 11:12:09 PM
DO let me know if you see someone named Vicky or Victoria with the 'Pariah' adult background. (I forgot her childhood one sadly)
I'd love to hear tales.
General Discussion / Re: Pirate King?
September 25, 2019, 11:21:43 PM
So they're in there after all? I contributed one. Vicky or Victoria. Tell me if you've seen her (Pariah adult background). I just thought there was going to be a little more to it. Like said negotiations. Or getting a good chance at them joining your colony if you beat them soundly in a certain way.
General Discussion / Pirate King?
September 24, 2019, 11:38:41 PM
I know a good portion of us backed at the Pirate King tier, but running a forum search brings back old threads and nothing presently relevant. The game has definitely expanded in scope from what I had ever imagined it (A whole planet, whoa! Caravans? whoa!). But what of the Pirate King stuff? Maybe I haven't played enough of the game but I'd love to hear from a source (or Tynan) about the state of it, and maybe how much of a doof I am for asking this question when there's likely an answer somewhere.  :)
I don't know if it's possible or not, but you've done UI mods.. so maybe. But would you be able to make a main menu option that allows you to customize colonists? Like a 'Colonist Builder' button so you can make them and then save them to make it easier than starting new colony, picking your storyteller, waiting for the map to load, clicking a thing, clicking another thing and then going from there? It's a laziness modification, yes, but it could be good for convenience.
Do you need the art source 100% or does color-matching the current pot's palette in a paint program not yielding satisfactory results?
Will this be updated to Alpha 8? I love the idea of the pots, and it's certainly a lot nicer an option than using expensive hydroponics tables for 'planters'!
Quote from: Goo Poni on November 16, 2014, 08:17:39 AM
Could make for an interesting mod if close colonists are allowed to share a bedroom without penalty. I could start making use of those Royal Beds.

Does this mean colonists will share a royal bed? I've only built them occasionally and my colonists seem to hoard it all to themselves. And who wouldn't? That king-sized uranium bed gives you such a nice, healthy glow when you sleep 8 hours in it.
Quote from: eatKenny on October 17, 2014, 05:12:40 AM

and for those who want to see how it looks 8)

*Duel of the Fates intensifies*

Those look /really/ cool.
Woo! Project Armory updated!

Also the net-bed icon in the toolbar shows up as a big pink box to me but it places in-world just fine.
Maybe it's the pirate thing after all. Have Pirate King characters been pulled out of the random colonist pool?

Also: 'You should only put in the exact last name of the colonist you want to see.'

The preferred names list in the options menu cites Backstories as a 'search' option as well as last names.

I've done a decent amount of poking at this. As in I've seen a colonist name scroll by while I'm poking at Random on the prep screen. I'll input some of those details into the search function, restart the game, and start looking for them as a test, and they won't show up. It leads me to believe the function isn't working as of post Alpha 5.

The character storylines are in system, EdB's Prepare Carefully mod lets me thoroughly customize a colonist to match that, at least.
The search function still doesn't appear to be working in 0.7.581 either. Has anyone tested it out or attempted to test it?
Quote from: Xerberus86 on September 03, 2014, 11:29:42 PM

well after playing one game with vanilla setting i started to only play with edb interface mod and tech tree minami, so for me being a newb having a "safe" colony is kinda needed for starters. also because i only play on challenging (100% difficulty), i never play on easy in any game. playing with a more "open" colony will be on my next try.

currently i have two main naming schemes...."gravetown" and "hope". my current colony is called gravetwon and the first one to survive to that point (kinda lategame) without dying horribly (jinx that name^^). but i do still struggle to increase the population, currently hovering around 6-7...randy random is either giving me too much peace or too many troubles...mostly of the former lately :/. i also only got a handful of general goods traders, no weapon / armor / slave trader yet >:O.

I'm trying to struggle with power at the moment, actually. Need to save up money for a geothermal parts pile. Selling toolboxes is a cheap way to get cash though, since it uses plain old metal.

I got a bunch of guns and armor due to a glitch I think, though. A neighboring town visited and their people started going nuts from starvation and they started killing each other. Half of the visitors died, and my colony ended up getting three suits of power armor, bunch of armor vests, and some nice Modern weapons... and since it was they who went nuts and were killing each other, it didn't mess with the friendship rating.

I just had to dig a bunch of graves and reap the benefits.
Where's the fun in having an impossible to defeat colony, though? It's not quite 'Urban Defense' tier but I find I enjoy open/pretty colonies more than unassailable fortresses! I still have two of my original three, too. :3 Randy also hasn't screwed me with huge raids yet... the colony's name is Angry Squirrel, and I swear, 9 out of 10 events IS a psycho squirrel.
Hey, Minami. Still going strong!