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One thing that really bugs me is how messed up the market values are.

Starting with components, they take 2.5 alloys to make. Steel is priced at $2.00, so the ingredients for one component are worth $5.00, yet it's value is set to $50.00. That's a whopping 900% increase in value.

Out of components and some alloy you can make mechanisms, there you go from $112 cost in ingredients to a value of $200 for the Mechanism. Again a significant gain.

But then if you continue on to make a finished product it looks very different.

Starting with weapon parts: 1 is valued at only $100, yet to make one you need 6 components ($300), 2 Mechanism ($200) and 10 alloy ($20 for steel), that's $520 in total. So you lose over 80% of the value on this.

And this only continues if you make weapon components and finished weapons, the ingredients seem to be over 10 if not 50 times more valuable then any finished weapon.
Quote from: Devinel on February 10, 2017, 02:28:41 PM
It seems like stockpile-priority is buggy. Haygrass dont get moved to my animals when its set to important.
Allow fresh organics.
My game stopped working. When I load the game I can interact with it, only thing I notice not working is the colonist bar. And as soon as I unpause the game it stops responding.

Last major thing I built before this save was a cleaner bot.

Log attached.

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]
Quote from: sidfu on February 02, 2017, 05:37:14 PM
ship parts/crashed parts of ship should be on map even if u use preprare carefuely. if there are none we need to know the seed/senario used along with location to see if something preventing it.

remember there are 2 differnt type of ship part crashes. 1 is the stock game looking ones and then the ones from from hardcore. the hardcore ones should be on every map

I removed all of these. And I had crashed drop pods coming in. They bring no components either, only mechanical components, wires and stuff.

I started a custom scenario with tribe tech level, where I removed all the map additions and starting items.

But I got stuck because to make wood planks I need components for the sawmill. And to make components I need wood planks.

So now I have to wait for a trader or random drop to get anywhere. I can't even build basic club weapons as they all need planks. But I can already build bows and arrows as they only need logs and and stones.

My suggestion would be to add a recipe for wood planks to the basic weapon crafting table. Just make it really slow so the sawmill is worth it.

With this you could also change the basic bed to require planks instead of logs.

Also in another game with the standard exile scenario I noticed that I could build sandbags immediately without having the research that says it unlocks sandbags.
Mods / Re: Where's Ultimate Overhaul Modpack?
September 30, 2015, 04:34:09 AM
Quote from: Goo Poni on September 30, 2015, 04:26:46 AM
This is why you just don't involve money in anything important. It makes things so messy so very quickly.

Quote from: NoImageAvailable on September 20, 2015, 05:38:18 AM
While I am not against making compatibility patches with individual mods I do not have the time/inclination to maintain a patch for any modpacks...

Sad to see the root of all evil doing it's thing once again. Thanks for answering though.
Quote from: Alistaire on September 20, 2015, 03:20:54 AM
It's not supposed to be compatible because Ninefinger doesn't have permission to use it along with a donation button.

Learn to read.

Im talking about compatibility, not inclusion in the modpack.

And to make a mod like this only to have it played by very few people simply because it's incompatible with the most popular modpack seems kinda silly.
This mod looks amazing, a shame I can't play it as it's incompatible with the ultimate overhaul modpack.

Do you intend to make it compatible?