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Ideas / Recruit Socially linked Visitors
April 10, 2016, 07:39:29 PM
Just playing through aplha 13 and I had a fiance of one my colonists arrive in a visitor group and thought it would make sense if I could send my colonist to try and convince them to stay. Seems odd that a fiance is just coming to visit.
The moment when, recently, I was cleaning up after dealing with an evil ship that had spat 5 centipedes, I heard an explosion in the distance.  NO! I think to the screen as I frantically zoom and pan for all my colonies worth, I SWEAR I KILLED THEM ALL. After much flicking between colonists, pausing and unpausing, I discovered the source of the noise. One of my colonists had taken it upon himself to 'hunt' an incapacitated boar with frag grenades. I watched in horror as he launched a frag grenade but feet in front of him, winced as the grenade exploded, and recoiled as shrapnel must of flew past his uncaring face. My colonist just stared at me the whole, he didn't even flinch.  Damn Luddite Rebels.