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Quote from: Rhyssia on February 12, 2017, 02:41:26 PM
Not to worry, we'll be looking into fixing a lot of the research weirdness soon.

Yup i have the turbine in the same room as an advanced generator and have vents pushing heat into the room  and the max i can hit is about 110 degrees :\. i need it to be about 200 degrees or so
Anyone have any tips on how to increase the temperature of a room to really high levels to make the xenon ion turbine work? i cant seem to go above 100 degrees no matter what i do
Quote from: Zakhad on January 25, 2017, 05:27:49 PM
Quote from: Iridescent on January 25, 2017, 11:54:32 AM
Quick question, is there anyway to get rid of radiation?

It very slowly depletes over time. As per real life once you have it you either survive or die depending on how much of it is inside of you, and/or if you took some form of anti radiation to absorb the particulars. There are real life treatments to stabilise it e.g. to make it non life threatening but, I'm no expert and/or not sure how much of it has been translated to end game, I rarely get to end game, too many updates.
I'm not sure there is any form of anti radiation meds in game to prevent it, but there is clothing like hazmat suits when working with uranium / radiation events and if I remember correctly there's chances of getting bad mental disability/disorders e.g. dementia if you go past the serious state. (The last time that happened to me was in alpha 14 though)

Quick question, is there anyway to get rid of radiation?
How do u make compound paste? I cantant find the recipe
Sorry my bad, i got this

Tried to SetFactionDirect on Agrarian1212022 which cannot have a faction.

As well as this

Getting random element from empty collection.
RumoursAndDeception.InteractionWorker_RevealSecret:RandomSelectionWeight(Pawn, Pawn)
Verse.GenCollection:TryRandomElementByWeight(IEnumerable`1, Func`2, InteractionDef&)
I cant seem to smelt down weapons at the weapon crafting benches, i have everything allowed and plenty of weapons lying around but it keeps saying that materials are needed. Guns are also missing from the smelt down weapons menu. Also, i cant click on or select wooden hydroponics boxes (Error shown in the attachment)

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]
There is a bug wherein animal beds do not fit muffalos or megasloths even though the description states that they will fit any sized animal

Edit: Champigions cant be grown in fungiponics basins, and shimmershrooms cant be used to cook mushroom based recipes
Hi, I think there's a bug with the plunderers event, wherein antis and gnawlers spawn instead of human raiders. This has been around since the A14 version