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Quote from: rawrfisher on September 01, 2018, 08:00:02 PM
Roolo got any solutions to this photo?

Been under heavy attack by the bugs the whole game lol
I have a solution.

Nuke from orbit.
Releases / Re: Do people want a super overpowered gun?
August 26, 2018, 10:43:38 PM
"A repurposed A10 Warthog"
Now I want an actual A10 in the game >.>
Releases / Re: [1.0] Coffee & Tea
August 19, 2018, 10:54:52 AM
Aahh, got it. Just wanted to make sure. Glad that this is another thing I don't need to download that mod for, just to have a couple things from it as well.
Releases / Re: [1.0] Coffee & Tea
August 19, 2018, 09:16:01 AM
Cowfee!~ Gween Tea!~

With that out of the way: Nice mod, buuut...did you use the sprites/graphics/whatever it's called from...Vegetable Garden I think the mod was called? Because they look VERY familiar.
Quote from: Roolo on August 12, 2018, 04:12:02 AM
@Madman666. I just realized I didn't mention that the bench where you create upgrades doesn't need to be as big as the hacking table, as no mechs need to be placed on it. So 3x1 will probably be fine, and anything bigger could annoy the player because of how much space it needs then. I'm sorry I only realized this after you created the first version of the sprite.
To be fair, it probably wouldn't look too bad if it was just shrunk down to a 1x3 size.
Quote from: rawrfisher on August 11, 2018, 08:26:55 AM
I have to disagree roolo.
It don't matter the capacity you get enough things slamming into it the shield is gonna go down quite fast.  300 is far more reasonable then you think.  Now if I had said 1000 I could see your point That is a bit excessive but even medium raids can break a 300 capacity shield in a matter of seconds using just vanilla weapons.  The mechs from the gunners mod which I use can deal 50 damage a shot and close up to a centipede with a mini gun or charge blaster can break a 300 shield in 1 volley sometimes.  Imagine what would happen to a shield with 150 capacity against a group of enemies with sub machine guns focusing it. 
I know we will not agree on this since we play entirely different types of games on here.

I'll leave that random wall of vomit up but my point is large groups can take out a shield fast if its capacity is in the range you mentioned.  I do agree a 300 would be excessive against smaller raids or for someone playing medium.  Personally I play merciless mode and have some odd bug that heavily inflates my colony wealth.  Looking forward to a debate on this since it will definitely be more entertaining then my normal routine.
Those are large raids though. However, maybe having an "upgrade" that costs a good amount more resources than the normal shield belt would be useful?...You could also have a mech only shield belt, since I imagine that the mechs could power a better shield, considering they have a power core unlike us puny humans.
Oh wow. Yeah, another mandatory mod for me when I update to 1.0!!
Quote from: Roolo on July 27, 2018, 07:29:00 AM
Thanks again Madman for your kind words.

- You now cannot draft a mech that is low on power while auto-charge is enabled for that mech (this would lead to immediate undrafting, likely confusing the player).
Maybe make a notification pop up in the top left when they try, so they don't think something is bugging out.
Definitely going to be using this for as long as it is updated. Now I can have a decent base without having to have a huge amount of defenses to defend it just out of worry of a massive raid!!
Not sure if it's been mentioned, but about the "Way to repair mechs when caravaning: Why not a repair kit like the droid repair kit from the Androids mod? It's simple, and actually quite realistic.

One way to balance it is to make it take longer (by a noticeable amount) to repair stuff. And maybe make it so it can't repair super damaged stuff (Torso section at 1 hp), and can't repair super complicated stuff (Whatever acts as the brain)?

An event that you could make is a mech malfunctioning and going on a murderous rampage after being repaired wrong by it.
(not quoting because deleting all that on this kindle would be annoying)

Fair enough. I actually like Canute's a fair bit better.

Also, the Android mod has a "Solarpanel Duster" (I think it was a Duster) that auto recharges the Android or droid that wears it. Would it be a good idea or a bad one to do something similar in the sense that you could give them something that recharges them, but isn't a battery?

Basically a backpack-like generator that powers their battery as long as it is fueled or gets energy from the sun.
Quote from: Roolo on July 11, 2018, 07:38:23 AM
Could you clarify a bit how these batteries would differ from the consumable batteries discussed the last few posts? Do you mean that instead of being consumable, they should be installable as body parts?
I wasn't trying to figure out a way they could be installed, but that could be one way of doing it. No idea how hard that would be though. In the end they would just have to be replaceable, as that is the point of the idea.

As for the batteries: Consumable batteries sound that they are a "Eat this and bam full charge". I was thinking that the rechargeable batteries would go into a recharge station, and would take X amount of time to recharge. The larger the battery, the larger the charge time. Non-rechargeable batteries would either be broken down for parts or just destroyed. This would mean that you could always have a mech up and running around doing mech things if you really wanted it to, and could afford the cost.
I have an idea: Replaceable batteries.

You can take the batteries out of a remote. And recharge them if they are rechargeable batteries. Why not make it so that the mech batteries can be replaced?

There can be two types of batteries. One that doesn't recharge but is cheaper (mid game), and one that does but costs more (maybe late-mid to late game)
Quote from: lllMWNlll on July 02, 2018, 09:26:30 AM
Those Embrasures block movement over them? Or Works similar to "Medieval times Embrasures" which allows they to be over hauled but very slow?
IIRC they blocked passage.
Quote from: daisuke6000 on June 29, 2018, 04:56:29 PM
Omg this mod is awesome pls make it for b18 or 1.0
Already done in B18 I believe. Check his signature.

As for 1.0: He probably will update the B18 one, but it'll probably take a while. 1.0 messed up a lot of his mods.