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Just wanna say :
AlienRaces github link, got double https.
Hence will prevent many from acessing it.
Unless they know how to edit the url link manually.

Great mod!
Star Trek theme soon?
Yeah, a Federation one is already out.
But..yours got Quality and Heart.
Enjoyable Patreon page.
Releases / Re: [A17] - Animal Husbandry
September 05, 2017, 02:38:32 AM
Still new to this github system. Aid appreciated. Please. Thanks.

How to..grab mods..NOT available in a "released" packaged form yet in github? Like this one for instance. I tried registering, messing with settings just to be able to get the mod. Given up eventually and tried grabbing the files..individually, and will attemp making own mod folder later on. Didnt work. As I could grab the file from assemblies folder, but couldnt grab the about.xml see?Please. Thanks. Many other mods also like this. NO downloadable form in released folder to grab. Also, dropbox having problems? Been like a day failing to grab from there, while github functioning perfectly. Nexus aint as efficient and hassle-free as github too.

Dear Canute,

Gratitude. Problems solved. Not sure if its javascript or popups restriction on my browser, that initially caused me problems. But its no more problemo now. You guided me to the appropriate path. Just need to Focus on that green github button, till its solved. Was using UC Browser. Thought it was compatibility problem. Grabbed Chrome. Nope, same probs. Back to UC, read the TONS of Help tab in github. Still green button WONT respond. Then..suddenly now Not sure how. What settings I changed. Prolly the adblocker turned off. But its ON now, and green button works. So, not sure how. But, probs solved. Thanks. Appreciation. I promise to not harvest thee for my cannibal pawns. lol

btw, Just started Rimworld adding mods stage. Been a week with vanilla. Total addiction. Love the visual and music. Complexity is a plus. 3 days of vacumming mods from here. Hundreds! lol Stopped playing game-proper. Been just checking out files inside mods. Enjoying reading the about.xml and savouring textures. Manually editing the target version to just <0.17.0> to remove conflicts. Instead of sooo many diff numbers after 0.17. in diff mods. Perfectionist trait. lol Even deleting alt languages and editing out parts of mods am uninterested in. Modifying mods even before starting them. lol

Anyway..THANKS! Back to picking bones inside codes. QC voluntarily. lol

Update : Still fiddling on github, as there is Always a solution to Every problem. Since that green download button only works erratically..I kept searching for solutions. Incompatibility with UC is understandable, yet a repeat with Chrome is unacceptable.

I found a better way! Credits to fyarn of Rubber Bullets. Kudos to him, not only gave us a useful mod, but still provided additional service hardly gotten elsewhere. Brain..with Heart too. Thank You. Just add /archive/ at the end of mod dwnld url link. Like: Voila!

Simple, faster and a boon to goon almost loon. lol In case this happens to others. Well, at least let Only One person suffered. N Joy.

Moderator's edit (Calahan) - I've changed the formatting of this post to form paragraphs because the repeated use of a new line for each new sentence and/or word was artificially stretching the post, and with it the thread. Which is both needless and annoying for readers.