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Updated to v1.14.5:
- Fixed visibility of the rename button for mechs
- Null reference fixes
Updated to v2.9:
- Fixed bubbles appearing on the world map
Updated to v2.8:
- Fixed dictionary crash
Updated to v2.7:
- Better memory handling for long-term play
- Minor fixes
Updated to v1.14.4:
- Fixed social tooltip for users without Ideology DLC
- Fixed alphabetical sorting when adding widgets
- Moved floating settings gear back to top to avoid interference with notifications
- Fixed sliders for Linux builds
Updated to v1.14.3:
- Added version to deactivation report for better troubleshooting
Updated to v1.14.2:
- Fixed HUD being shown when on world map

Updated to v1.14.1:
- Fixed attempting to load defs from inactive DLCs
- Fixed wrong HUD sizing when clicking toggling main menu tabs
- Fixed deactivation when clicking on select next thing on tile

Updated to v1.14.0:
- Increased default text size to match vanilla UI
- Added compact default preset similar to text sizes in previous versions
- Presets may now include text sizes
- Fixed tutorial for non-standard UI scales
- Faction colors now more aligned with vanilla colors
- Improved letter stack compression for floating mode
- Near-rewrite of the GUI engine
- Other mods may now provide custom widgets through Def files
- Massive code and language changes (translations will need to be reworked again)
Updated to v1.13.0:
- Recompiled for the latest game version
- Extensive code structure changes
- Added a quick tutorial to help people find the settings button
- Added legacy files for game version v1.3
- Health condition model reworked
- Fixed tooltips showing empty space
- Added bar variants including reversed and static colors
- Added overridable methods for standard pane buttons
- Settings can also be accessed by shift-clicking the toggle button
- Dev mode access now requires shift to be held to prevent accidental toggling
- Language files rearranged (translations will need to be reworked)
- Miscellaneous minor fixes
Updated to v2.6:
- Recompiled for the latest game version
- Fixed issues setting autohide speed
Updated to v1.11.3:
- Added clickable xenotype icon
Updated to v1.11.2:
- Added energy bar and rename button for owned mechs
- Fixed medical care showing for mechs
Updated to v1.7:
- Compiled for Rimworld 1.4
Updated to v1.6:
- Compiled for Rimworld 1.4
Updated to v1.11.1:
- Fixed gene tab not opening