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Bugs / Small toxic fallout bug
February 15, 2017, 03:55:20 PM
The popup states that it can last up to a 'month', which has now been replaced by seasons.
Yarkista is gone with no trace, a while back "Lacuna Gamers" went missing, and now 'Foxador' went missing. What the hell is going on, now I may just be paranoid yet its very erie to me.

Reason: Unknown
Any other accounts/aliases: None
Any other details: Was a moderator at one point, Seemed happy go-lucky.

Reason: Unknown
No other accounts/names known.
Last heard from: 10/14/15
Other Info:

Reason: Unknown
No other accounts/names
Last heard from: 3 months ago.
Other info:  <-- used to be an active account, it just went offline. 2-4 uploads a day on his youtube channel, then nothing for the past 3 months.

What in the hell is happening, I'm legitimately worried/confused as to how 3 people all just go off the the grid, we need a police investigator or something, its getting out of hand.

post other internet personas that have disappeared or if you have any clues or information on this.

Edit one: added some more details/info
Ideas / Disable Developer Mode When on Iron-man.
June 28, 2016, 05:24:05 PM
I'm sure some people play Iron-man to keep the cheese side of themselves at bay, but leaving Dev mode on is just begging you to use it, especially for the people who use iron-man as a anti-cheat buffer.

Not a top priority, but it would be a nice change :P
Off-Topic / What happened to "Yarkista"?
June 19, 2016, 03:29:39 PM
When-ever you go to one of his posts it says 'Guest' underneath, what turns/makes you a guest?
The alert system is a good addition to some, but personally I dislike the alert system (for hostile attacks) for a few reasons:

    Alerts kill the chance of any surprises. sure you might miss a guy flanking you and be surprised, but if your colonists can tell when raiders/packs of wargs/traders/some random guy passing through/ appears with no explanation than how the hell didn't you see the asteroid that crashed into your ship from ages away. (exaggeration on the last bit :P) It takes from the possible suspense of raids/other threats. As the title suggests maybe make a raid type that doesn't have an alert. Maybe have fewer people in them or something like that to balance it out. I was also thinking that once your pawn was hit or you click on them etc., it would have an alert that lets you know it wasn't a bug or something like that. (a bit more subtle)

My second Idea was for a option (like the iron-man option) to disable alerts for hostile events. I must admit having my guy pass out because I didn't know he had the plague would be a annoying so maybe keep the positive/friendly/not rage because I didn't know my whole colony had malaria alerts.

just giving my two cents.
General Discussion / Penalties for carrying weapons?
March 02, 2016, 07:51:08 PM
I don't know if this is just me, but if I had to lug around a mini-gun, or a rifle, I'd tire much faster than If I had a pocket knife, or small pistol. I'm not sure If I would give the pawn a mood debuff, since I'd assume after the first few raids the colonist would be quite paranoid without one.

this might give weapon racks more purpose and make raids that land in/on your base more threatening.
Since the change log is no longer being updated, could we get a weekly update on the official page, or something along those lines. I know its time consuming, and its Tynans Choice in the end, but I loved the change log, and checked it religiously, I'd love something of that nature to stay out of the dark.
Ideas / Possible additions/changes to the ManHunter AI
December 05, 2015, 01:45:16 AM
As the Man-hunter event(s) stand they are quite easy to exploit, or ignore.

I think that these additions could be useful to counter those problems.

1. They remember you. If you go outside the safety of the indoors, and one of the animals sees you the  pack goes to that door, and sits near the door. this could be useful for the common poke out the door and get a shot off, and run back in 'tactic'.

2. If you completely ignore the pack of animals, and starve them out, then once they leave, you have an increased chance of the same breed of animal coming back in larger numbers. This might give turtling players motivation to well, not turtle.

3. if you have A turret slaughter house, and the animals start walking into it, then after the first animal dies, have the rest of the pack fall back, any sane animal knows that if one of they're group members gets killed next to them, they probably shouldn't keep stampeding in the same direction, let alone if the animal gets killed from far off. I honestly don't know how to counter turrets, nor do animals, but if the animals fell back at least the player wouldn't get A 3 months supply of food.

This is kinda a false way to fix the problem, but maybe increase the odds of a solar-flare happening during a man-hunter pack event

I'm sure they're are some other exploits that I didn't cover, yet those should make the player think twice from doing the aforementioned.

Here are some other minor tweaks to the man-hunter AI that I think will benefit the game.

the pack of animals stay closer together.

the pack of animals go for the farthest colonist from the colony instead of the closest to them.
this kind of defeats the whole purpose of man-hunters, but if a wild animal is chasing someone, the person runs inside a door, I would think the animal would at least try to pound down the door... not just get amnesia as soon as he/she walked in.

Maybe this would give more purpose for mortar use. maybe more people putting up proper walls early on.

anyways, leave feedback, and what do you think about these additions/changes?
General Discussion / Help getting back into RimWorld.
November 14, 2015, 04:00:59 PM
Hey guys, its been a while. I used to be very active on the forums, and I got burned out.

I started in alpha 4, and made a colony in every alpha until alpha 9, which I got burned out. not many mods caught my eye, I started my obsession with CS, and generally had more on my plate IRL wise.

I wanted to get back Into RimWorld, anything that I should know? I watched the update videos from Tynan, skimmed over the patch notes, which I found Tynan was taking a break (A well deserved one) and figured I had time to make a good colony before An update came along and forced me to move on to a new colony. whats the gossip going around now? what have I missed? anything I should know?

Nice coming back to such a nice group of people.
Stories / The Winter...
September 03, 2015, 07:47:58 PM
My notes: to start sorry for being inactive on the forums lately, been addicted to Counter strike. Although I don't post much I check every day. I always try out each alpha, Starting at alpha 4 I haven't missed a single one. anyways this take a bit from my old story 'help I'm being kidnapped!' don't expect the best of grammar, Capitals, periods, etc aren't my strong points, Sad being a freshman, and not being as good at those compared to others, anyways ENJOY!  :D

PS <3 litlbear

I tried to go to sleep that night.. It just... just didn't feel right.. I tried. I did what I could, I mean I couldn't just follow him out there.. I knew he was dead.. oh I knew.. I didn't feel like joining him up there yet. not yet.

Me being the only one to see the 'creatures' you and the others, I must assume.. Believe I did It.
I stared into her eyes to see if she thought I did it.. my depression only deepened..

8 days earlier

As I woke up this morning I felt like it would be a great day. As I stumbled out of bed to my sink, I heard my roommate say, 'good morning' In a bit of a sarcastic voice. When I heard this voice, I thought 'it sure will be a good day' grinning to myself. Jacob, you ready for some hiking? he jokingly said 'of course' as he swung his arm in a over excited manner. we set out a little over 30 minutes later, on my way to the gates I said bye to Beth, my girlfriend, she exclaimed oh hey there, 'I assume you'll be willing to help me tonight, with the flowers, right?' I smiled saying 'of course' and continued walking to the shed where Jacob was waiting. he grinned at me as he handed me my hiking gear and my backpack. when we were a good say.. 30 meters out Jacob said 'you know I enjoy the scavenging job, and you make it better, but really whats the point in our job? we have hydroponics, we mine for metals and stone, and we have have animals for clothing. I mean really what else do we need, that we can get out here?' I nodded and said, 'Well we don't get to choose and the other 200 colonists don't either'. and with that most of the walk was silent. we felt a sudden chill in the air and snow started falling, funny I said, 'Its only September, didn't expect it this early'. Jacob said, 'we should probably head back, were not equipped for this weather'. I agreed and we wen't on the long hike back. about a quarter of the way threw, I heard a noise.. a noise I didn't recognize, I looked around and kept on going about three fourths of the way there, I heard the noise again, I didn't really care, I kept going, but I did care when, I heard screaming next me and a sharp object go threw Jacob. when this happened I screamed as well, covered in blood I stumbled back only to see him get dragged away, I mean in seconds. He was out of sight in a good 4 seconds. me sitting there in shock Started sprinting as fast as I could towards the colony, when reached the gates the guard let me in he asked 'what the hell happened? wheres your partner?' I scurried in side to fall back and realize what just happened. The guard yelled for a medic, and before I knew what happened I was in a medical bed, turns out I was put to sleep with a medicine before I was dragged the the med bay. I awoke to Beth, my good friend Chris the cook, and Kevin my friend who specialized in animal taming.

Once I had woken up fully the colony leader, Addison started questioning me about the incident I told him what I knew and he stood there In confusion, he told the nurse something I couldn't hear and faced back towards me and said 'Theirs only one problem with that. there are no animals for a good 200 kilometers. we went on a mass hunt a while back and set up a fence so no other could get in. I know your a good guy and all, but I think you need a better 'story' than that' and as he said that a couple guards walked in with a look of disgust on their face. and escorted me to a cell. I thought it was crazy, everyone knew I was a good guy, I would never do something of the the nature of the accusation. looking from the cell I looked out the window near the prison entrance seeing a large storm approaching.

I have yet to understand why they immediately thought I did it, why they thought I would become that kind of person, in a day, why it would go from trusting me to looking at me in disgust, in a day.

I was best friends with Jacob, why would they think I could do This act.. this horrible act. it is beyond me

Back to the present.

They have kept me in this cell for 8 days, bringing me food, and the necessity's I have been talking to this woman trying to convince her of my innocence yet they have an incredible bias regarding me.

What ever they think I did that would make the them so haste to suspect me I have yet to know.

Hope you enjoyed, part two will come out once I get the chance. The only reason I enjoy making these stories is because of your responses/comments so respond/comment thanks  :D :) : ;) :P
General Discussion / 2nd place!
February 26, 2015, 06:38:53 PM
we got second place on indieDB

Off-Topic / Charger not working, any suggestions?
February 20, 2015, 06:30:18 PM
Today my computer charger randomly stop working ;-;

1: my grandmother ripped the plug out, do you think that affected it?
2: I unplugged my computer, and it shocked me, when i got home it didn't work

So my Grandma, ripped the plug out, and i got shocked unplugging it, a hour or so later (still worked when i left, it didn't work when i got home)

What do you think happened?

Cause i don't want to pay a bunch of money ;-;

Please help me if you can :)
Off-Topic / RimWorld ROBLOX group, join now!
February 19, 2015, 06:08:30 PM





(seriously join please :D)
Off-Topic / Llama's with hats had its finally ;(
February 14, 2015, 09:20:31 PM
6 years of laughs, have just ended, if you've been watching Llamas with hats for all 6 years, you'd be really sad :(... I literately cried... it was more true, then it was happy, witch makes sense, but still, why'd you have to end it!

My favorite Internet show just ended :(

Figured i would let it out with you guys...

*goes in a corner and cries* 
Stories / Coming Soon...
January 26, 2015, 08:39:23 PM
as promised, a sequel to 'help I am  being kidnapped' is coming.

work will start when i receive my new keyboard.



Fruit loops.
Off-Topic / ME!ME!ME!... a different type of video....
January 09, 2015, 03:09:25 PM
So i was on youtube, and i went to the 'finebrothers' youtube channel. and i saw a they made a new video, i watched it... and i was disturbed, yet intrigued, Anyways here is the actual video

this is very graphical, so watch with discretion

Tell me what you think  :)
Ideas / Toggle power grid view.
January 07, 2015, 01:35:11 AM
You know how you can toggle the home region to do it by itself? why not make a button to toggle the power grid view.  :)
Off-Topic / how to use Celsius
December 20, 2014, 02:06:54 PM
Can somebody explain to me how to use Celsius, or at least convert it to Fahrenheit.
Stories / Dictator Style Colony.
December 16, 2014, 12:59:13 AM
I decided to make a dictator style colony.

Tundra biome.
challenging Casandra.
made with the help of dev mode :P

It was a colony of exactly 40 colonists.
Guards: # of guards:10
equipment: Power armor, power helmets, long swords.

Planters: # of Planters:15
equipment: white cloth shirts, white cloth pants, no weapons.

Cooks: # of Cooks: 2
equipment: grey cloth shirts, gray cloth pants, no weapons.

Miners: # of miners: 3
equipment: green cloth shirts, green cloth pants, no weapons.

Constructors: # of Constructors: 5
equipment: blue cloth shirts, blue cloth pants, no weapons.

Misc.: # of Misc.: 5
equipment: red cloth shirts, red cloth pants, no weapons.

Guard requirements: Iron will/stead fast or sanguine.

other class requirements: no mood/thresh hold modifiers that are negative.

1: no mental breaks
2: no disobeying orders.
3: no more than  complaints at all times.

1st offense: 1 week jail time and a beat down until unconscious.

2nd offense: month long jail time and a beating everyone week.

3rd offense: public execution.

This is how it goes.

Mail man, the miner decided he was too hungry to finish his job even though instructed to finish many times.

he was jailed and beaten.

1 week later Mail man was released.

3 weeks later: a crashed ship part landed in a unknown area, we havent discovered it yet.

3 days later. big red decided to break for the third time in history, he ordered the m-24s to be equipped and we had a firing squad ready at noon we drafted everyone to watch and learn from his mistakes.

Big red lost a kidney his jaw, and 3 ribs before he died laying on the floor.

2 weeks after the ship landed. we have ordered the miners to dig in every location to find this area.

Tsao the miner decided to eat while she was supposed to mine this was her first offense... and her last she woke up after her beating and went mad, we had no choice but to put her down.

we ordered 2 more jail sentences and 1 more execution after a constucter and 2 Misc. decided to slack off.

this was the turning point.

that night 2 guards went mad killed 4 of our workers, having the guards armed, the workers not.

our battery supply decided that it was going to explode 2 nights later, coincidentally in our food stock room the next day it it hit December.

3 workers decided to leave but in -60 degree weather, they didnt make it far.

we lost several more to the ship parts physic wave and a few more to starvation/weather.

4 1/2 weeks later we stumbled apoun a open piece of land, we  immediately sent everyone to it, after arming everyone with pistols.

Paul took the first shot.

13 sythers and 7 centipedes came out

the first thing the centipedes did was shoot a inferno cannon blast near the entrance blocking our path and hitting 3 of our men

we were obliterated.   

I think it would but am not sure.