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Ideas / Population management idea's
December 02, 2013, 05:12:43 PM
Currently most storytellers will simply stop slave-traders and wanderers when a certain population has been reached. With no deaths and no new recruits or trades happening, I feel the game and story reach a stand-still.
I understand from a game-design perspective the population has to be managed, but I think this game would benefit if that would happen in other ways.

Some possibilities:
- More fatalities from localized (existing) events: lightning-strike colonist, electricity discharge near colonist.
- Deceases that will incapacitate and possibly kill colonists.
- Recruiting to get harder, possibly by introducing a colony overall-happiness which would be required to >x to be able to recruit. Or the happiness of the warden could be used.
- Negative social talks between 'incompatible' colonists could cause rapid mental breaks. Possibly fights between colonists.
- Prisoners breaking out of their restraints and attacking the warden or breaking out of their cell. Possibly starting a fire or committing. suicide.
- Gun accidents incapacitate and possibly kill colonists.
- Long term incapacitation causing the player to choose between a long waste of resources to maybe keep the colonist alive or abandon the incapacitated colonist.
- Wanderers fighting back sometimes
- Colonist leaving with trade-ships, the highly social colonist got offered a spot as crew.